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Companies are continually looking for ways to strip excess inventory out of distribution systems in order to capture savings in key operation areas. To facilitate this, BDP International has developed Centrx — a BDP Knowledge Venture® that helps companies discover and deploy successful global strategies and processes. It links your organization with BDP’s international logistics to deliver client-specific intelligence so you can make the smart business decisions that will result in a positive ROI.

Centrx focuses on improving processes and reducing costs related to the Global Supply Chain in the Chemical, Consumer and Health Care, and Retail vertical sectors. Typical projects include network design, sales and order processing, collaborative commerce, order execution process improvement, supply chain risk analysis and custom programs.

BDP International’s Centrx resource offers:
  • Lower operating costs — from standardization of logistics processes.
  • Reduced cycle time and inventories — through better resource utilization.
  • Regulatory compliance — a view into the entire scope of regulatory requirements.
  • Enhanced market share and revenues — reduced product time-to-market.
  • Better able to compete in global markets — achieved through greater market / customer responsiveness.

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