Mustafa Sultan Electronics Co. L.L.C. - Lighting Business Unit
Al-Fardan Complex Parking
Project: Al-Fardan Complex Parking.
Location: Al-Ghubra, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Products: PHILIPS Metronomis Porto

For many years residential lighting was purely functional. Although safety, security and orientation are still essential requirements, there is now a drive to improve residents’ quality of life and creating a pleasing identity for parts of the city that are often overlooked.

The landscape of lighting industry is changing fast. Mustafa Sultan Lighting has a long standing commitment to providing lighting solutions that are environmentally friendly, aesthetically appealing, and easy to maintain.

The impressive looking Al-Fardan Complex, located near Al-Ghubra round-about in Muscat wanted a parking solution that are not just made up of light points, but actually contribute to identity of the building.

Mustafa Sultan Lighting created a warm and inviting ambience that people enjoy living in and visiting by using PHILIPS Metronomis Porto range of luminaries. Apart from providing a unique & comfortable ambience, the installation is characterized by low energy consumption due to highly efficient lamps and gear.

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