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Bait Al Baranda Beautification
Project: Bait Al Baranda Beautification
Location: Muttrah, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Products: PHILIPS eW Graze Powercore

Highlighting this landmark was a major challenge of balancing between the identity of city and the needs of its residents.

Bait Al Baranda is a classic example of what lighting can do to accentuate architecture. During daytime, Bait Al Baranda is a busy street crossed within minutes, un-noticed. At night, the cool royal blue arches of Bait Al Baranda create a dramatic and theatrical effect exuding a rhythm of peace.

The PHILIPS Graze Powercore is a linear LED product available in four lengths and five light distributions. These options allows it to cover a wide range of applications in architectural lighting from creation of accents of light to a wash of light on facades or to specific lighting effects on structures.

Effective use of right intensity of light, right tone of color and highlighting series of arches homogenously using compact linear un-obstructive LED luminaries helped in creating an inviting atmosphere at night without having worries about high energy bills and maintenance costs.

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