Mustafa Sultan Electronics Co. L.L.C. - Lighting Business Unit
Mustafa Sultan Electronics Co. L.L.C. Showroom at Al-Khuwair
Project: Mustafa Sultan Electronics Co. L.L.C. Showroom at Al-Khuwair
Location: Al-Khuwair, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Products: PHILIPS eW Graze Powercore

Mustafa Sultan Enterprises HQ and Electronics showroom at Al-Khuwair are already well known landmarks in Muscat. It was a major challenge to enhance the image and identity of an already well-known and popular landmark.

The Mustafa Sultan Electronics Co. showroom at Al-Khuwair is a showcase of vibrant and dynamic lighting, and very hard to miss if you are in reasonable proximity. The PHILIPS RGB Color Graze Powercore is a color changing IP66 rated linear LED product available in four lengths and a variety of beam options to suite different applications. It’s rugged construction, safe operations, and long life even at 50°C ambient temperatures makes it a popular choice when it comes to outdoor wall washing applications.

Effective use of right intensity of light, rhythm of color change, and washing the exterior wall of the showroom has helped in creating an outstanding and inviting atmosphere at night without having worries about high energy bills and maintenance costs.

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