Mustafa Sultan Electronics Co. L.L.C. - Lighting Business Unit
Oman Oil and Shell Petrol Stations
Project: Oman Oil and Shell Petrol Stations
Location: All across Sultanate of Oman
Products: PHILIPS Mini 300 Cube 150w CDM

There are many aspects to consider when lighting a petrol station. The appearance and attractiveness from a distance; avoiding shadows in the forecourt by good vertical illumination; making people feel safe at night; showing off goods inside the shop in an optimal way; creating a pleasant ambience for staff to work in; long life span to minimize the need for disruption through maintenance; and energy efficiency of the solution to name a few.

PHILIPS - MINI 300 CUBE was the all-in-one solution for under-canopy lighting when Oman Oil approached Mustafa Sultan Lighting to help them in upgrading and enhancing petrol station retail outlets. PHILIPS MINI 300 CUBE is the optimal solution for petrol station lighting across the world due to its unique 3D lighting concept which directs light to selected vertical planes so that fuel pumps and car sides are illuminated well. Thanks to PHILIPS patented glare-free solution using patented reflector coating.

IP65 rated, MINI 300 luminaries with CDM lamps offer energy savings of up to 40% providing crisp white light and excellent vertical illumination that is ideal for petrol stations, and applications which call for excellent balance between horizontal and vertical illumination levels.

Shell, the leading oil retailer in the world has standardized on PHILIPS MINI 300 CUBE for all their retail outlets across the world.

Today, Mustafa Sultan Lighting enjoys 100% share of under-canopy lighting requirement by Shell Oman and Oman Oil in Sultanate of Oman.

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