Mustafa Sultan Electronics Co. L.L.C. - Lighting Business Unit
Lighting of Sohar Interchange
Project: Lighting of Sohar Interchange
Location: Sohar, Oman
Products: PHILIPS, Model - PHENIX

Better lights and safer roads were the key objective while designing and offering road lighting solution for this high speed, high traffic interchange in Sohar Industrial Area.

PHILIPS Lighting solutions from Mustafa Sultan Lighting were the obvious choice for the client who was looking for a highly reliable and superior road lighting solution which makes driving easy and comfortable, thus preventing road accidents. Using PHILIPS streetlight model PHENIX – SGP551 we were able to achieve all parameters of road lighting norms as per Oman and International Standards in order to give a very uniform and glare-free light levels without zebra effect.

PHILIPS road lighting luminaries PHENIX-SGP551 is a proven streetlight model designed for long and satisfactory performance in Middle East climate. PHENIX delivers outstanding lighting performance for any road type without exception and by virtue of its quality and performance has become the most trusted and preferred model having installation base of more than 10,000 pieces in Oman, and close to 100,000 pieces across Middle East working satisfactorily for more than past 7 years.

Mustafa Sultan Lighting is a system supplier and complete solution provider for road lighting applications from PHILIPS Lighting.

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