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Compact Fluorescent Lamps Non Integrated
Compact Fluorescent Lamps Non Integrated
Product Benefits
  • Energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps
  • Compact long-arc low-pressure mercury discharge lamp
  • 2-pin base& 4-In Base with a housing incorporating the special instant starter and capacitor
  • Optimal light performance for short or long operation per switchon
  • Long life and sustainable light output
  • Designed for general or supplementary lighting in professional or home environments
  • Radio interference suppression capacitor is installed
  • Good environmental choice because of high energy efficiency, long life and low light output depreciation, lowest mercury content
  • Compliant with all RoHS and WEEE requirements: the lamps have a very low content of mercury, are lead free and make no use of radioactive materials and hazardous flame retardants
  • Wattage : 7W-42W

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