Mustafa Sultan Office Technology Co. L.L.C.
Messaging Infrastructure Solutions

MSOTC is a leading provider of electronic messaging consulting and deployment services to a wide range of customers and consulting and deployment services revolve around electronic messaging overlapping groupware, intranets and extranet, and world wide web. MSOTC provides Messaging and Groupware related services for MDaemon Email Server, Messenger, Messaging Server and Directory Server; Microsoft Exchange etc.

MSOTC Provides the most complete family of messaging -related consulting services available, including strategic technology consultation and competitive analysis, messaging system architecture and design, development, installation, configuration, customization, testing, deployment, technical support, IT services, and e-mail migration.
In a nutshell, MSOTC offers unbiased and critical assessments of messaging technologies and products within an overall systems integration context. MSOTC has assisted numerous clients in developing and realizing a vision for the next generation messaging. MSOTC also offers collaboration solutions which provide a secure, Web-based workspace for geographically distributed workers to collaborate more efficiently. We offer solutions from industry leaders like EMC Documentum and Microsoft Share Point Portal.

These collaboration solutions provide customers with:
Virtual workspaces - Create a collaborative environment that allows distributed participants to work as if they were at the same location.
Effective strategizing - Generate ideas and solve problems faster and more creatively while enabling better re-use of best practices.
Project visibility - Provide managers and stakeholders with instant access into the status of multiple projects and business processes.
Efficient Product development - Develop higher-quality products and services with faster delivery cycles.
Stronger supply chain management - Build more productive and predictable supplier relationships.

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