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Email and File Archival

Archiving and managing email messages and file-based data has become a significant need for many organizations. This is especially true for public companies whose email and file retention/destruction polices are affected by the compliance and other legislation requirements.

MSOTC can help you assess your email and file archiving needs and provide a complete turnkey solution based on EMC Source One.

Whether your company is subject to legislated compliancy or not, you can benefit from an archiving solution from MSOTC:

Lifetime Management of Information:
Automatically manage email or other content lifecycle from cradle to grave. Protect corporate intellectual property, retain access and enable rapid discovery of content based on corporate defined policies.

Reduce Cost of Content Retrieval, Recovery and Administration:
Save time and money spent retrieving and recovering old or lost email or other content. Provide immediate recovery of key individual mailboxes and information stores.

Easy End-user Access and Comprehensive Search Functionality:
Seamless integration with Outlook, Exchange and other frontline systems for quick and easy search and retrieval of archived items. Shortcuts and web-based search functions keep users instantly in touch with all email and content.

Optimize Storage and Utilize Cost-effective Options:
Reduce message/information store by 50% or more. Supports any Windows NTFS compliant storage solution including magnetic or optical disks, Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS). Single-instance storage of identical items is maintained.

Compliance and Discovery:
Enterprise Vault offers highly efficient, secure solutions for organizations required to produce discovery of content in response to litigation or a similar event (Discovery Accelerator) and regulatory supervision in-line with finance regulations (Compliance Accelerator).
An archiving solution based in EMC Source One supports Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino (Windows only), SMTP email, Microsoft SharePoint, and file-based data, for any application that stores data in standard "flat" files.

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