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Smart Radar: High Accuracy Level Measuring Gauges - ENRAF

970 Smart Ati
The high precision radar for custody transfer tank level gauging under W&M regulations The new 970 Smart Radar ATi is the superior version completing the Enraf Smart Radar family. This device enhances the range of Enraf level gauges and makes new solutions available for custody transfer tank gauging under Weights and Measures regulations. The 970 Smart Radar ATi uses state of the art radar technology, supported by ENRAF Extensive tank gauging know how, to provide the performance required for highly accurate level measurement on larger bulk storage tanks.

Servo: High Accuracy Level Measuring Gauges - ENRAF

854 ATG
Featuring the latest servo gauge technology and extremely flexible because of the wide range of options. There are three basic versions with an LCD display. This instrument complies with regulations from Customs & Excise and Weights & Measures organizations throughout the world. Measuring range:
  • Standard : 0-27 m (88 ft)
  • Optional : 0-37 m (121 ft)
  • Optional : 0-35 m (0-115 ft)
  • measuring wire up to 150 m (492 ft)
The wide range of pressures and materials enable the measurement of every kind of liquid in any type of storage tank.
Key Benefits
  • Simple Commissioning
  • Easy to install
  • Proven reliability
  • Multi-functional
Smart Radar: High Accuracy Level Measuring Gauges - Enraf

873 Smart Radar

SmartRadar Free space antenna
  • This SmartRadar is designed for mounting at the top of the tank.
  • Its measuring range is up to 40 m (131 ft).
  • The SmartRadar only needs a roof nozzle or manhole for installation and free radar beam propagation.
  • Its antenna is 8" (203 mm) in diameter with a stem length of 5 cm, 30 cm, 50 cm or 80 cm (2", 1 ft, 1.6 ft or 2.6 ft) allowing it to be applied to a wide range of mounting situations.
Vito Interface: High Accuracy Temp /Water / Inventory System - Enraf

762 Vito Interface
The VITO family for temperature and water bottom measurement is the ultimate answer for your inventory control.
The VITO is a robust and reliable device representing the leading edge in sensor technology, fully complying all major industrial standards such as API. Its accuracy exceeds the requirements for W&M accepted temperature information.
The VITO provides average temperature and temperature profiles of your stored products. In addition the temperature above the liquid (vapor phase) can be measured. This parameter can be used for mass calculations of the product in the gas phase, contributing to your loss-gain control. Optionally, a digital water bottom measurement can be integrated to ensure a high accuracy compared to analog probes.

Inventory Management System: CIU - Enraf

CIU System
CIU Prime and CIU Plus features
  • 19" Rack mounting
  • Wall mounting
  • Table top model
  • Hinged cover for service
  • Sealing facilities
  • Configurable connections

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