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Technical Training Solutions
Engineering Trainers-Electrical Engineering-Elettronicaveneta

Electrical Engineering 
  • Electrical installations demonstrative panels
  • Computerized measurement and test systems
  • Power electrical engineering
  • Electrical instruments
  • Measurements and electrical machines
  • Electrical measurements and machines
  • Electrical machines and measurements
  • Plc and applications
  • Multimedia educational software
  • Equipment for practical activities
  • Lab furniture
Engineering Trainers-Electronics,Instrumentation-Elettronicaveneta

Electronics,Instrumentation & process control 
  • Modular electronics laboratory
  • Student-trainer
  • Basic electronics
  • Linear electronics
  • Digital electronics
  • Microprocessors
  • Industrial electronics
  • Process control
  • Interface with personal Computer
  • Multimedia educational software
  • Computer-aided learning system
  • Servomechanisms
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electronic instruments and accessories
Engineering Trainers-Telecommunications-Elettronicaveneta

  • Telecommunications modular laboratory
  • Student trainer®
  • Analog communications
  • Frequency synthesis techniques
  • Digital communications
  • Audio-video systems
  • Fixed telephony
  • Mobile telephony
  • Transmission systems
  • Optical fibers
  • Multimedia educational software
  • Equipment and furniture
Engineering Trainers-Industrial chemistry-Elettronicaveneta

Industrial chemistry
  • Continuous distillation
  • Batch distillation
  • Liquid-liquid extraction
  • Liquid-liquid extraction and distillation
  • Solid-liquid extraction
  • Reaction
  • Thin-film evaporation
  • Two-stage evaporation
  • Thermal exchange
  • Mass transfer
  • Fluids dynamics
  • Pumps test bench
  • Pumps test bench in series and parallel
  • Absorption and stripping
  • Fermentation
  • Supervision software
Engineering Trainers-Industrial process control-Elettronicaveneta

Industrial process control
  • Process control plants
  • Process control units
  • Process control benches
  • Supervision Software

Engineering Trainers-Other branches-Elettronicaveneta

Other branches
  • Consumer electronics technician®
  • Interactive practical electronic system
  • Autotronics(automotive technology)
  • Biomedical equipment maintenance technician
  • Hydronics
  • Thermotronics
  • Renewable energies
  • Automation technologies
  • Laboratory multimedia audiovisual technologies
  • Food processing
  • Mechatronics(CAD-CAM-CNC -FMS-CIM)
Engineering Trainers-Theory Of Machines and Properties Of materials-GUNT

Theory Of Machines and Properties Of materials
  • Statics
  • Dynamics
  • Applied Physics
  • Mechanical Demonstration Models
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Material Testing
  • Stress and Strain Analysis
  • Theory Of Mahines

Engineering Trainers-Mechatronics-GUNT

  • Engineering Drawing
  • Dimensional Metrology
  • Fasteners and Machine Parts
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Assembly Projects
  • Machinery Diagnosis
  • Industrial Automation
  • sectional models
Engineering Trainers-Thermodynamics, Heating, sanitary systems-GUNT

Thermodynamics, Heating, sanitary systems
  • Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
  • Applied Thermodynamics
  • Power Engines and Machines
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Sanitary Systems
Engineering Trainers-Fluid Mechanics And Hydrology-GUNT

Fluid Mechanics And Hydrology
  • Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
  • Flow in Pipes
  • Turbo machine Demonstrators
  • Turbo machines
  • Components in Piping Systems
  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
  • Principles Fundamentals of Aerodynamics and Airflow
Engineering Trainers-Process Control & Process Engineering-GUNT

Process Control & Process Engineering
  • Mechanical Process Engineering
  • Chemical Process Engineering
  • Thermal Process Engineering
  • The Process Control Engineering
  • Basic Control Systems
  • Process Control Trainers
  • Industrial Process Control Systems
  • Modular Training Systems
  • Components and Calibration
Science training Systems-Probeware Data collection and Analysis-PASCO

Probeware Data collection and Analysis
  • The new Xplorer GLX captures,analyzes, annotates,stores and prints data quickly and seamlessly, without being connected to a computer. A science lab wherever you need it. You can also connect to a computer and unleash the full power of the award-winning DataStudio software
Science training Systems-Physics Experiment/Kits/Equipments-PASCO

Physics Experiment/Kits/Equipments
  • Relative Motion: Frame of Reference Position vs. Time
  • Velocity-Motorized Cart
  • Acceleration-Cart on an Inclined Track
  • Newton's First Law
  • Newton's Second Law
  • Friction Forces
  • Conservation of Energy
  • Impulse and Change in Momentum
Science training Systems-Science Workshop 750-PASCO

Science Workshop 750
  • 7 inputs-take up to 7 measurements simultaneously
  • 750 USB version-Connects to USB port
  • 750 SCSI version-Connects to SCSI port
  • Data collection between 1/hr and 250,000/s
  • Built-in 1.5 W Function Generator (Outputs ±5V at up to 300 mA)
  • Ideal for circuit experiments,waves,electromagnetism, etc.
  • Connect to PASCO's Power
  • Amplifier to amplify output Signal up to ±10V at 1A
Science training Systems-Measurements with interfaces-PASCO

Measurements with interfaces-PASCO Sensors  
  • Absolute Pressure
  • Acceleration
  • Barometer
  • Charge
  • Colorimeter
  • Conductivity
  • Conductivity 1x
  • Conductivity 10x
  • Current
  • Differential Pressure
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Economy Force
  • EKG
  • Flow Rate
  • Force ±50 N
  • Heart Rate
  • High Accuracy Temperature
  • High-Sensitivity Light
  • Infrared Light Sensor
  • ISE (Ca+2, Cl-, Pb+2, F-, NO3-, K+, Na+)
  • Laser Switch
  • Light
  • Low Pressure
  • Magnetic Field Strength
  • Motion
  • Nuclear (3)
  • pH
  • Photogate
  • Relative Humidity
  • Respiration Rate
  • Rotary Motion
  • Smart Pulley
  • Sound
  • Temperature
  • Thermocline (depth/temp)
  • Thermocouple
  • UVA Light Sensor
  • Voltage
  • CO2
  • O2
  • Drop Counter
Science training Systems-PASCO
  • Physics Experiment-Kits/Equipments
  • Chemistry Experiment-Experiment Kits
  • Biology Experiment-Kits/Equipments
  • Earth/Environmental-Kits/Equipments
Carpentry Training Machines-THICKNESSING MACHINE S 520-S 630-VEBA

  • Table dimensions: 630 x 900 mm
  • Automatic lifting table
  • Max. height of thickness: 300 mm
  • Min. height of thickness: 4 mm
  • Max. depth of cut thicknesser: 10 mm
  • Shaft rotation speed: 5900 rpm
  • � 4-knives cutterhead: 120 mm
  • Forwarding speeds: 0÷20 m/1'
  • Motor power: 5,5 kW (7,5 HP)
  • Net weight: 800 kg
  • Overall dimensions: 1270 x 1070 x 1200 mm
  • Packing sizes: 1340 x 1100 x 1340 mm

Carpentry Training Machines-SURFACE PLANER F 400-VEBA

Carpentry Training Machines-VEBA SURFACE PLANER F 400
  • Table dimensions: 2000x400 mm
  • 3 knives cutterhead:  87,5 mm
  • Cutterhead speed rpm: 4900
  • Fence tilting up to: 0°÷45°
  • Motor power: 3 kW (4 HP)
  • Net Weight: 345 Kg
  • Overall dimension: 2000x800x1030 mm
  • Packing sizes: 2110x830x1030 mm
  • MORTISING UNIT (on request)
  • Mortising table dimension: 540x250 mm
  • Longitudinal motion: 200 mm
  • Trasversal motion: 170 mm
  • Vertical motion: 190 mm
  • Boring spindle:16 mm


  • Table dimensions: 780x450 mm
  • Saw blade:  250 mm
  • Tilting saw: 0÷45°
  • Max. height of cut saw 90°: 80 mm
  • Max. height of cut saw 45°: 50 mm
  • Saw spindle: 30 mm
  • Saw spindle speed rpm: 4200
  • Useful cut between blade and fence: 235 mm
  • Crosscutting capacity: 1300 mm
  • Size of squaring table frame: 640x450 mm
  • Motor power: 1,5 kW (2 HP)
  • Shaft rotation speed: 3000-6200-8000 rpm
  • Diameter of spindle: 30 mm
  • Diameter of table hole: 190 mm
  • Max. height of spindle: 140 mm
  • Motor power: 1,5 kW (2 HP)
Carpentry Training Machines-SCM

  • Semi automatic boring machines
  • Automatic single sided edge banders
  • Automatic panel saws
  • High Speed Routers
  • CNC boring and routing centres and semi-automatic boring machines
  • Hardware inserting CNC machining centres

Machine Shop-'C' Series Heavy Duty Centre-GATE

'C' Series Heavy Duty Centre
All castings are properly stabilised and stress relieved Bed ways are hardened and ground to min. HB-450 Heavy duty castings for rigidity and vibration absorbency. Extremely low noise level Foot brake.

Precision Surface Grinders Saddle type 
  • The machine is fitted with a computerized programmable Automatic Downfeed.
  • Rough feeds and fine feeds can be programmed with up to 10 spark outs to complete the cycle.
  • Rough feeds:- 0.001-0.999mm programmable up to 999 passes.
  • Fine Feeds:- 0.001-0.099mm programmable up to 99 passes.
  • The machine automatically stops at the end of the grinding cycle.

Machine Shop-Precision Surface Grinders Saddle type-GATE

Precision Surface Grinders Saddle type
  • The machine is fitted with a computerized programmable Automatic Downfeed.
  • Rough feeds and fine feeds can be programmed with up to 10 spark outs to complete the cycle.
  • Rough feeds:- 0.001-0.999mm programmable up to 999 passes.
  • Fine Feeds:- 0.001-0.099mm programmable up to 99 passes.
  • The machine automatically stops at the end of the grinding cycle.

Machine Shop-Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Centre-GATE

Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Centre
  • Anilam 5300, 3 Axis CNC Control
  • Anilam 5400 / 5500, 4/5 Axis control
  • Precision ground ball screws
  • 4th or 5th Axis CNC Rotary Table
  • Heavy duty metal enclosure type guarding
  • 8000 rpm Spindle
  • Heavily ribbed castings
  • Rigid Tapping
  • ISO-40 spindle
  • Heat exchanger
  • 16/20 pocket ATC Carousel type
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Telescopic way covers
  • Fagor 8055MC control
  • 70-6000 rpm spindle

Software training Aids

Automation Studio is a completely integrated software package that allows users to design, simulate and animate circuits consisting of various automation technologies including pneumatics, hydraulics, PLCs, electrical controls, motor controls, SFC-Grafcet, and digital electronics. Automation Studio is the ideal CAD and simulation tool for teachers, students and engineers.
  • Industrial Technology
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologies
  • Instrumentation and Controls Technologies
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Technologies
  • Electromechanical Technologies
  • Mechanical Drafting (CAD)
  • Automation Technologies
Informative training

NetSupport School is a class leading training software solution, providing teachers with the ability to interact with their students either individually, as a pre-defined group or to the overall class.

Combining advanced multiple PC monitoring with an innovative customized test designer and the ability to create automated Lesson Plans, this latest version rises to the challenge and requirements of today's modern classroom.

Providing the very latest IT infrastructure is only half the equation. Ensuring it is used in the most effective way represents the other half. With NetSupport School, full application and Internet control is offered as standard, allowing for individual or overall class restrictions to be applied whereby only approved websites are visited and appropriate applications are used. Combine this with the ability to blank the students screens and to simultaneously monitor all Student PCs either in thumbnail or full screen mode, complete Student attention and focus is encouraged at all times.

NetSupport School is fully optimized for Wireless Networks.

Multimedia & Language training Labs

Digital Multimedia Multipurpose Lab incorporated with softwares and hardware which are best suited for high tech computer based training in various field of education and training.

Applications which helps to teachers and trainers can improve the efficiency of classroom instruction by centrally instructing students on their computer, keep students on task by monitoring application and web usage improve support through online help and chat requests, and save time by quickly polling and showing instant results.Teachers and trainers can also record all screen, keyboard and mouse activity on a student workstation to review or later or to replay to the class.

Digital language lab incorporates with the hardware and software based solution for language training. Softwares helps to monitor, remote control of student workstations and broadcasting audio/video materials to the entire classroom.

Self resource learning resource center incorporates applications and materials for self studies and training.


  • Technical Training Lab
  • Language Training
  • Arabic Training
  • Internet Training
  • Transciptional Training
  • Software Training
  • Helathcare Training
  • Computer Based Training
  • Self Learning Resource

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