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Special Projects ( Telecom)-Spectrum Monitoring & Management-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

Spectrum Monitoring & Management
With the introduction of new wireless services in the telecommunication and broadcast industry, the monitoring of frequency spectrum is more important than ever before. Civil monitoring authorities throughout the world use ROHDE & SCHWARZ radio monitoring systems to monitor radio spectrum and to manage and plan frequency allocation. Our radio monitoring system team offers expertise and services for radio monitoring and radio location systems. With RODHE & SCHWARZ you will always be on the right track.

Telecom Test Equipments-Handheld Spectrum Analyzer R&S FSH3-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer R&S FSH3
  • Frequency range 100 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Internal preamplifier with frequency range from 100 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Displayed average noise level typ. -135 dBm (RBW 100 Hz)
  • High level accuracy: 0.5 dB type
  • Resolution bandwidths 100 Hz to 1 MHz, 1 and 3 steps
  • Wide range of detectors: sample, max/min peak, auto peak, RMS
Telecom Test Equipments-General purpose spectrum analyzer-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

General purpose spectrum analyzer
FSP is the ideal partner for both development and production, featuring the smallest level measurement uncertainty in its class, as well as excellent RF characteristics. The FSP is outstanding for its innovative measurement functions and incorporates proven technology with an all new hardware design to enable revolutionary performance, reliability and ease of service.

Telecom Test Equipments-Arbitrary / Function Generator R&S AM300-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

Arbitrary / Function Generator R&S AM300
The R&S AM300 is a dual-channel Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator that offers high functionality and spectral purity at a favourable price. With its superior characteristics, the instrument reproduces the digitally generated signals almost distortion-free - even at high output levels and frequencies. The R&S AM300 thus meets requirements of a reference source for a number of tasks.

Telecom Test Equipments-OWA-9500 Optical Waveguide Analyzer-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

OWA-9500 Optical Waveguide Analyzer
Bestimmung des Brechungsindexprofils (Refractive Index profile=RIP) von integrierten optischen Komponenten mit planaren Wellenleiterstrukturen-z.B. AWG s-auf Substraten im Bereich 1,45 bis 1,6. Einsatz im Design, in der Entwicklung und Qualit tskontrolle.

Telecom Test Equipments-EXFO FTB-7000B OTDR-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

  • The all-new FTB-7000D: first-class benefits
  • 1 m event dead zone: shortest in the industry
  • Testing time: four times shorter than industry standard
  • FTTx ready: passive optical network (PON) testing capability.
Telecom Test Equipments-Signal Analyzer R&S FSQ-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

Signal Analyzer R&S FSQ
The Signal Analyzer R&S FSQ combines two instruments in one. It offers signal analysis at a demodulation bandwidth of up to 120 MHz with the dynamic range of a high-end spectrum analyzer.

Telecom Test Equipments-Signal Analyzer R&S FSQ-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

Signal Analyzer R&S FSQ
The Signal Analyzer R&S FSQ combines two instruments in one. It offers signal analysis at a demodulation bandwidth of up to 120 MHz with the dynamic range of a high-end spectrum analyzer.

Telecom Test Equipments-Portable SAT/TV/FM Test Receiver R&S EFL100-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

Portable SAT/TV/FM Test Receiver R&S EFL100
Easily portable due to compact, robust design and integrated battery User-friendly interface for fast measurements Built-in printer for documentation of measurement results and spectrum On-screen TV picture Control signals for LNBs of satellite antennas.

Telecom Test Equipments-Universal Radio Communication Tester R&S CMU300-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

Universal Radio Communication Tester R&S CMU300

  • Extremely high-speed testing
  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Modular future-proof design
  • Comprehensive spectrum analyzer and signal generator
  • Layer 1 realtime processing

GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA RF Test System Family R&S TS895xGW The R&S TS895x Family represents a full range of highly configurable RF test systems for user equipment (UE) and mobiles. The R&S TS8950 is the top end of the new, third generation of RF test systems from Rohde & Schwarz that fulfils all requirements for RF conformance tests on 2G, 2.5G and on 3G UE/mobiles.

Digital Radio Testers R&S CTS for mobile phones-ROHDE & SCHWARZ

Digital Radio Testers R&S CTS for mobile phones
Digital Radio Tester CTS is an extremely compact, modular yet powerful measuring instrument. It combines great ease of operation and the necessary test depth for use in all service areas for mobile and cordless phones. Both the newcomer and the service specialist will be able to conveniently carry out fast automatic functional tests as well as complex and comprehensive manual measurements down to component level. All features are also available by remote control commands.

CNT-90 Frequency Counter/Timer/Analyzer-Pendulum Instruments

CNT-90 Frequency Counter/Timer/Analyzer
The fast measurement speed of 250k measurements/s to internal memory and the big memory depth of 750k, makes Modulation Domain Analysis possible by capturing very fast frequency changes in real time. Thanks to the fast GPIB throughput of 2 k/s (increases throughput with up to 10 times compared to today's solutions) the CNT-90 can save lots of time (and money) for customers in test systems.

GPS-Controlled Frequency Standards-Pendulum Instruments

GPS-Controlled Frequency Standards
The Pendulum GPS-12R Portable Reference clock is an ultra-stable GPS-disciplined Rubidium reference, targeted for telecommunications application. Its high stability and low noise output, makes GPS-12R the ideal reference source for telecom instrumentation and testers, like SDH/PDH/Sonet Analyzers. Its Cesium standard performance, when locked to GPS, makes GPS-12R an ideal calibrator for metrology and test systems.

Wandermeters Detect sync problems fast and easy-Pendulum Instruments

Wandermeters Detect sync problems fast and easy
Today Pendulum Instruments offers two unique transportable Wandermeters, WM-10 and WM-11, for verifying the quality of synchronization clocks in digital networks, e.g. SDH/PDH/SONET. These units weigh only 5 kg and contain everything needed, including the internal Rubidium reference and the presentation mode SW for calculating and displaying TIE-, MTIE- and TDEV-curves on the built-in graphical display.

Path Align-R-Pendulum Instruments

Path Align-R
All models of the Path Align-R feature:
Four Tuneable Operating see model designations) Path Loss displayed in dB (0.1 dB resolution/to -100 dB sensitivity), display updated every 300 ms
Tone Ranging: Switchable, provides variable-pitch indication of path loss Continuous Talk and Listen over Link (Full-Duplex Voice, FM Mod.), headset included Battery-powered Alignment Test Set (7 lbs/unit), charger included Weather-resistant Instrument Back-pack included.

Access Solutions (DSL) -SCHMID Telecom

Point-to-Point E1 Service
  • The most basic application
  • MANY different options
    • Linecode-E1 75/120 W
    • LTU or NTU-E1 transparant or PRA
      • of pairs-E1 full or fractional
      • of links per LTU-Powering local or remote

Access Solutions (DSL)-N x 64kbps Service-SCHMID Telecom

N x 64kbps Service
  • Very similar to E1 transport service
  • Bandwidth provisionable in 64 kbps increments
  • N x 64 NTU can be combined with E1 LTU for E1 transport of nx64 data
  • Watson 5 4-pair can handle up to n = 96 timeslots (6.144 Mbps)
  • Watson 5 2 x 2-pair LTU can handle up to 96 aggregate timeslots on both DSL links
Access Solutions (DSL)-GSM Basestation Application-SCHMID Telecom

GSM Basestation Application

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