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Permanently Installed UT Sensors
Permanently Installed UT Sensors-GE Inspection Technologies

Traditional corrosion monitoring options requiring thickness or automated ultrasonic measurements are expensive due to the cost of gaining access to the pipe for measurement, often requiring digging up the pipe, coating removal, sensor placement, etc.

Rightrax HT systems are changing the way that critical corrosion data is measured and managed. This breakthrough technology helps increase safety and productivity while reducing overall inspection costs. The Rightrax system uses permanently-installed sensors that permit remote monitoring of restricted, hard-to-access and/or high-temperature areas up to 350°C (662°F). Once fitted, the system provides continuous real-time access to corrosion data via direct & acquired wall thickness data, eliminating the need to erect scaffolding, remove insulation or shut down plant systems. Online monitoring also reduces labour-intensive traditional inspection routines by providing data that can be used for proactive maintenance planning.

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