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Portable & Stationary Industrial X-ray System
Portable and Stationary Industrial X-ray systems-Seifert

We offer both Portable and Stationary Industrial X-ray units from GE inspection technologies.

(a) Portable ERESCO MF4 System
  • Easy handling of all units: 160 - 300 kV
  • Shortest exposure time due to real DC output
  • High current power mode and low energy application
  • 100% duty cycle, even in rain or high ambient temperature
  • Long tube life due to proven intelligent automatic warm-up
  • The robust construction of the control and the tube heads make them suitable for operation in rugged environments.
  • Uses modern compact electronics to minimize weight and provide a high power output with extremely low ripple, together with a sturdy metal ceramic X-ray tube
(b) ISOVOLT Titan E Series

The ISOVOLT Titan E stationary X-ray machine is based on the field-proven ISOVOLT Titan series, but offers significant improvements in ease of operation, controllability and on-board logic to allow greater operational productivity and reliability. The new machine will find increasing application in meeting the requirements of system integrators for automated X-ray solutions, as well as being used as a stand-alone X-ray machine for conventional X-ray radiography and radiography.

  • Broad range of variants: 160 - 450 kV
  • High stability and accuracy
  • Precise reproducibility
  • Extremely low ripple
  • High dose rate output

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