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Electrical Test Equipments
Electrical Test Equipments-Power-Megger

  • Battery Test Equipment
  • Cable Fault Locating Equipment
  • Circuit Breaker Test Equipment
  • HiPot (High Potential) AC / DC Test Equipment
  • Insulation Test Equipment (5 and 10kV)
  • Low Resistance Ohmmeter Test Equipment
  • Oil Test Equipment
  • Power Factor (C and DF) Test Equipment
  • Power Quality Equipment
  • Recloser Test Equipment
  • Relay Test Equipment
  • Safety Equipment-DETEX
  • Transformer Test Equipment
  • Watthour Meter Test Equipment

Electrical Test Equipments-Building Wiring / Contractor-Megger

Building Wiring / Contractor
  • Cable Locators / Route Tracers
  • Ground Resistance Test Equipment
  • Insulation Test Equipment (1 kV)
  • Insulation Test Equipment (5 and 10 kV)
  • Loop and RCD Test Equipment
  • Motor and Generator Test Equipment
  • Multifunction Installation Testers
  • Multimeters / Clampmeters
  • Phasing Meters and Accessories
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PATs)
  • Tool Testing Equipment

Electrical Test Equipments-Telecommunications / Data Communications-Megger

Telecommunications / Data Communications
  • BERT Testers
  • TDRs (Time Domain reflectometers)
  • Transmission Impairment Testers

Electrical Test Equipments-HV Insulation resistance testing-Megger

HV Insulation resistance testing
The new 5kV and 10kV insulation resistance testers from Megger provide a complete and convenient solution for applications ranging from routine testing of equipment during manufacture to fault finding in medium-voltage distribution systems.
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Digital/Analogue backlit display
  • Selectable test voltage from 250 to 5000V
  • Automatic IR test
  • Measures to new heights
  • Complete with calibration certificate

Electrical Test Equipments-compact testers-Megger

compact testers
  • 75V Live circuit inhibit
  • 50 V and 100 V test ranges
  • TRMS Voltage measurement
  • Continuity testing at 200 mA down to 0.01 Ω
  • Insulation testing to 1000 V and to 200 GΩ
  • Analogue and dual digital display
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Cable length by capacitance measurement
  • PI, DAR and timed testing available
  • Frequency measurement

Electrical Test Equipments-Earth/ground testers!-Megger

Earth/ground testers!
Ground testing using the ART method is more convenient and reduces testing time. Model DET3TC includes the additional testing capability called the ART (Attached Rod Technique) method. A nagging problem with traditional ground testing has been the requirement to disconnect the utility connection. Using the ART method you can reliably measure a grounding electrode while still connected and prove it!

Electrical Test Equipments-HiPot (High Potential) AC / DC Test Equipment -Megger

HiPot (High Potential) AC / DC Test Equipment
The portable dc dielectric test sets check the electrical insulation quality of motors, power cables, switchgear, insulators, transformers and capacitors. Typical applications include acceptance and maintenance testing of critical equipment used by electrical utility substations and industrial plant distribution systems. Power apparatus manufacturers may also use the equipment to perform QA/QC production tests.

Electrical Test Equipments-Oil test equipment-Megger

Oil test equipment
Oil has long been recognized as being an efficient coolant with a high flash point and high electric strength when used as an insulating medium in transformers, switchgear and other electrical apparatus. It is critical, however to maintain the oil properly to avoid weakening of the insulation properties.

Electrical Test Equipments-Relay Test Equipment -Megger

Relay Test Equipment
The multiple protection functions of todays protection relays requires a new level of sophisticated test hardware and software to completely analyze the operation of the unit in a real life situation. Every facet of relay testing can be handled with the comprehensive line of relay test equipment from Megger.

Electrical Test Equipments-Transformer Test Equipment-Megger

Transformer Test Equipment
Transformers are very reliable devices and can provide service for a long time if maintained and serviced regularly. They are also the single most costly item in any substation. To protect against failures that can result in costly repairs and long periods of downtime, trust your transformer to the accurate and reliable test equipment from Megger. The best insurance against transformer failure is to ensure that they are properly installed and maintained. The complete line of Megger equipment make testing easy and accurate. -----

Electrical Test Equipments-Low Resistance Ohmmeter Test Equipment -Megger

Low Resistance Ohmmeter Test Equipment
From Megger, these highly accurate, easy to operate instruments measure resistance with resolution as fine as 0.1 micro-ohm. Digital micro-ohmeters and DLROs measure contact resistance of switch and circuit breakers, aircraft frame bonds, and rail and pipeline bonds just to name a few of the applications. Megger has models available for testing using test currents from 0.5 mA to 100 amps covering a multitude of applications that require precise low-resistance measurements

Electrical Test Equipments-Circuit Breaker Test Equipment- Megger

Circuit Breaker Test Equipment
Circuit Breakers are one of the critical "safety-valves" of electrical systems and basic maintenance procedures are essential to maintain maximum reliability. As the leading producer of circuit breaker test sets, Megger sets the standards of quality and reliability. New technology is incorporated in the circuit breaker test equipment with the launch the DDA (Digital Data Acquisition) series of circuit breaker test sets. The DDA controller utilizes digital signal processing (DSP) technology along with variable firing angle and pulse duration control to bring improved accuracy and flexibility to the circuit breaker testing arena. Megger test sets are available for every budget and test application.

Electrical Test Equipments-Megger MMC850 Multi-core AC digital clamp meter-Megger

Megger MMC850 Multi-core AC digital clamp meter
The NEW Megger MMC850 offers a unique solution to current measurement in multi-core cables, without the need to split cores. Simply clamp the MMC850 to a multicore cable and read the current flowing.

  • Single, two or three core cable measurement
  • Flat or round section cables
  • No need to split wires
  • Cable centralising clamp
  • Backlit display
  • 50Hz and 60Hz supplies
  • IEC 1010-2-032,CAT III 600 V safety protection

Electrical Test Equipments-Megger BITE 3 Battery Impedance Tester-Megger

Megger BITE 3 Battery Impedance Tester
The Megger BITE 3 Battery Impedance Test Equipment determines the health of lead-acid cells up to 2000 Ah by taking measurements of the most important battery parameters.
  • Determines health of lead-acid cells up to 2000 Ah
  • On-line testing with Pass/Warning/Fail calculations
  • Measures impedance, interconnection resistance and cell voltage
  • Windows CE operating system with 32 MB of memory
  • Measures float and ripple currents 8 Includes ProActiv&8482; Database Management Software

Electrical Test Equipments-Megger Makes Testing Easier for contractors-Megger

Megger Makes Testing Easier for contractors
Electricians were generous with their time to ensure that development of Megger's new range of tester provided all electrical contractors with a up-to date technological solution to the problems they are experiencing today.
  • 3-phase safe loop testing
  • Insulation testers that don't go bang
  • Time saving RCD testing
  • Tough, rubber armoured case
  • Three year warranty
Electrical Test Equipments-Digital Multimeters -Fluke

Digital Multimeters
  • Industrial maintenance and field service
  • Electrical troubleshooting and HVAC
  • Process maintenance
  • Automotive troubleshooting
  • Electronic troubleshooting

Electrical Test Equipments-Saturn Geo X Advanced Three and Four Pole Earth Ground Tester (LEM) -Fluke

Saturn Geo X Advanced Three and Four Pole Earth Ground Tester (LEM)
  • Installing new ground system and electrical equipment
  • Periodically testing ground and lightning protection rods
  • Prior to design of ground protection systems
  • Installing distribution equipment transformers, switchgear etc.
  • Conventional three and four pole earth ground testing
  • Innovative selective and stakeless techniques for fast and safe measurement without disconnection
  • Two-pole ac resistance measurement Four- and two-pole dc resistance measurement
  • One button measurement-automatic hold of last set of measurements
  • Limit for verification of measurements
  • Automatic frequency control (AFC) for stable measurements
  • R* measurements at 55Hz for impedance in electricity distribution systems
  • Rugged housing rated to IP56
  • Full range of accessories for conventional and clamp testing
  • 2-Year warranty

Electrical Test Equipments-Installation Testers-Fluke

Installation Testers Fluke 1550B MegOhmMeter Digital insulation testing up to 5000 volts
The Fluke 1550B is a digital insulation tester capable of testing switchgear, motors, generators and cables at up to 5000 V DC. It can be used for a wide range of tests: from simple spot checks to timed tests and breakdown tests. Measurement storage and PC interface software make it ideal for preventive maintenance. Heavy-duty leads, probes and alligator clips fit in the custom carrying case, for a rugged field testing kit.

Electrical Test Equipments-Fluke 321/322 Clamp Meters-Fluke

Fluke 321/322 Clamp Meters
The Fluke 321 and 322 are designed to verify the presence of load current, AC voltage and continuity of circuits, switches, fuses and contacts. These small and rugged clamp meters are ideally suited for current measurements up to 400 A in tight cable compartments. The Fluke 322 also offers DC voltage measurements and has a higher resolution for loads below 40 A.

Electrical Test Equipments-Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series-Fluke

Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series
The ScopeMeter 190 Series high-performance oscilloscopes offer specifications usually found on top-end bench instruments. With up to 200 MHz bandwidth, 2.5 GS/s real-time sampling and a deep memory of 27,500 points per input they are ideal for engineers who need the full capabilities of a high-performance oscilloscope in a handheld, battery powered instrument.

Electrical Test Equipments-Insulation Testers-Fluke

Insulation Testers
The products in this kit have been specifically selected for both troubleshooting and preventative maintenance applications.
Establishing preventative maintenance programs are becoming critical to maintaining the uptime of electrical equipment and can significantly reduce both planned and unplanned downtime.
Unplanned downtime costs are difficult to calculate, but often significant. For some industries, it can represent 1%-3% of revenue(potentially 30%-40% of profits)annually.

Electrical Test Equipments-Fluke 45 Dual Display Multimeter-Fluke

Fluke 45 Dual Display Multimeter
The Fluke 45 is a feature-rich 5-digit, 100 000 count meter that truly fits all applications and virtually any measurement need _ on the workbench or in the field. Two multifunction displays and 16 different measurement capabilities allow wide ranging versatility at an affordable price. The Fluke 45 delivers high performance and flexibility for manufacturing test, depot and field service, as well as R&D applications.

Electrical Test Equipments-PM 6306 & PM 6304 RCL Meters-Fluke

PM 6306 & PM 6304 RCL Meters
The PM 6306 is the most versatile RCL meter, allowing testing at any frequency up to 1 MHz. AC and DC test voltages are continuously adjustable, and the PM 6306 has a built-in contact check function to ensure optimum connection. With these capabilities, you can handle a wide variety of components under realistic test conditions.

Electrical Test Equipments-Universal Waveform Generators-Fluke

Universal Waveform Generators 125 MS/s high performance universal waveform generators
Unprecedented combination of universal generator and synthesizer Versatile performance
High resolution and wide frequency range
Extremely good performance-to-price ratio
The single-channel 396 and dual-channel 397 systems break new ground in universal waveform generator design. With their unprecedented combination of universal generator and synthesizer, versatility, high resolution and wide frequency range, and extremely good performance-to-price ratio, the 396 and 397 offer a range of benefits that will facilitate work in many fields.

Electrical Test Equipments-50 MHz Function/Pulse Generators -Fluke

50 MHz Function/Pulse Generators
  • Ideal for both benchtop and ATE applications, the 80/81 family of 50 MHz waveform generators provides an unmatched combination of powerful operating features and great value. Each model generates sine, triangle, square, positive pulse, and negative pulse waveforms from 10 mHz to 50 MHz with up to 16 Vp-p amplitude into 50 Ohm. With many continuous and non-continuous modes from which to choose, Models 80/81 are ideal for a wide range of test applications.
  • Model 81 pulse/function generator
  • Model 80 function generator
  • Powerful performance
  • AM, FM, VCO, and phaselock/offset control modes
  • Automated calibration
  • Ideal for both benchtop and ATE applications
  • HP 8116A emulation mode (81 only)

Electrical Test Equipments-PM 6690 Counter/Timer/Analyzer-Fluke

PM 6690 Counter/Timer/Analyzer
The Fluke PM 6690 timer-counter-analyzer is the most versatile and accurate tool for measuring time, frequency, or phase. On top of that, the PM 6690 has built-in analysis capabilities that give you the dynamics and the statistical behavior of the parameter under test. The PM 6690 offers an intuitive user interface and graphical display which makes it easier to use than any other timer-counter. And all this at a very attractive price!

High resolution and speed:
12 digits/sec. frequency measurements 100 ps single shot time-resolution 0.001 phase resolution Frequency range: 300 MHz standard; 3 GHz or 8 GHz input optional Built-in statistical analysis Graphical display gives upto 14 digits resolution Statistical analysis built-in, giving TrendPlot and Histogram display USB and GPIB as standard.

Electrical Test Equipments-Fluke PM 5410 Series Video and TV Signal Generators-Fluke

Fluke PM 5410 Series Video and TV Signal Generators
The PM 5410 family from Fluke offers today's widest choice of TV and video test signals from a range of compact instruments. These state-of-the-art generators provide support for TV, VCR and video monitor testing in all the PAL, NTSC and SECAM standards. Their basic functionality includes test patterns and outputs to test and align the total signal paths for video, audio and data services such as the Teletext and Closed Caption. Signals are provided for testing overall picture geometry for both 4:3 and wide screen 16:9 aspect ratios, as well as specific parameters such as high-voltage stability, beam current, static and dynamic convergence, picture resolution, color purity and color reproduction, and all vision and sound demodulators. Special test patterns and formats for VCR's and 100 Hz TV make these today's most versatile generators for the world's latest and most demanding test applications.

Electrical Test Equipments-Stationary Meter Test Equipment-ZERA 

High precision measurement devices
Power and energy measurement devices and working standards accuracy 0.1% … 0.001% independent from measuring mode

Stationary meter test equipment
modular testers for all purose use
  • For production tests
  • R&D equipment
  • Volume production
  • Laboratories
according to IEC or national standards

Test equipment for transformers
Capable to test voltage transformers up to 250 kV and current transformers up to 10 kA in manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode. All testing is performed acc. to the IEC or country specific standards.

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-SEBAKMT

Cable testing and fault location on power networks

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Vario-SEBAKMT

Three Phase, computer aided measuring system for testing and fault location.

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Centrix-SEBAKMT

Centrix The new generation of fault location systems

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Classic-SEBAKMT

Classic Modular single or three Phase Test Van System

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Compact System-SEBAKMT

Compact System Single phase computer aided test system for testing and fault locating in medium and low voltage networks

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Compact TE-SEBAKMT

Compact TE Like Compact System, but with integrated Diagnostic-System OWTS for diagnostics and locating of Partial Discharges

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Compact City-SEBAKMT

Compact City small vehicle-mounted 40 kV fault and test equipment for medium and low voltage networks, single phase

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Unisat-SEBAKMT

Unisat Small, universal single phase testing and fault location unit for low and medium voltage networks

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-VLF Test System 54 kV-SEBAKMT

VLF Test System 54 kV Test system for PE/XLPE cables

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-AL NT-SEBAKMT

AL NT Cable and phase identification

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Digiflex Com-SEBAKMT

Digiflex Com TDR to locate faults in CU telecommunication cables, signal and power cables.

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Easyflex Com-SEBAKMT

Easyflex Com TDR to locate faults in CU telecommunication cables, signal and power cables

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-TDR Miniflex-SEBAKMT

TDR Miniflex TDR and Tone Generator for Cable Fault Locating

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Echo Pulser-SEBAKMT

Echo Pulser The Echo Pulser marks a certain point in the network

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Fault Converter-SEBAKMT

Fault Converter Supplementary unit for reflectometers to locate humidity faults in cables

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Leak Detection Van-SEBAKMT

Leak Detection Van

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-FLG 50-Generator-SEBAKMT

FLG 50-Generator Ferrolux cable and pipe locating generator with audio frequency 50 watts and SignalSelect, portable

Electrical Test Equipments-Cable test Van-Arrow-System-SEBAKMT

Arrow-System Basic cable and pipe audio frequency locating system

Worldwide, we are the leading company for the development and manufacture or measurement equipment for diagnosis
of the state of a network and for fault location. Our sectors of the market include electricity supply networks as well as communications and pipe networks. Our products make an important contribution to the reliable - and thus to the economic - operation of our customer's installations. From our work, we expect to improve reliability through constant further development. For over 60 years we have been a partner to all significant operators of electricity, water and telecommunications networks.


Power Cable Fault Location:

The rising demand for electrical energy increases the importance and priorities of uninterrupted service to the customer. Thus, faults in power distribution networks have to be quickly detected, located and repaired. As market and innovation leaders we are the only producer of a series of cable test van systems for testing and fault location of power networks, satisfying all customer wishes. We are the utility location specialists.
Insulation damage or faulty cable joints are recognized by DC cable testing or, in the case of PE and XLPE cables, through VLF 0.1 Hz Cosine-Square-Voltage.
Low resistance faults, interruptions and short circuits can be located with reflectometers (TDRs). All HV pre-location methods use the TDR for the evaluation and visualization.
Line location
To determine the cable path and cable depth.
To locate the precise position of the cable fault. HV fault location methods
ARM Plus
ARM Plus is a further advancement of the patented and state-of-the-art cable fault location method ARM (Arc Reflection Method).
With ARM Plus a stable arc with sufficient burning duration is ignited at the location of the fault with a double surge method. The fault location pulse is created by the discharge of a pulse capacitor and has a voltage of up to 1000 V. This very energetic pulse enables an improved fault location, especially in a long-distance-range.
The ARM Plus method shows, simultaneously, the low-voltage trace as well as the fault trace in an automatic testing sequence on the monitor. The location of the fault is determined by the separating point of both traces, already known from the ARM method. Decay Plus
Decay Plus is a further development of the cable fault pre-location method ARM Plus.
Decay Plus enables the fault location on cables with extremely high ignition voltages
(up to 80 kV) with excellent locating precision and clarity of the TDR traces.
The Decay Plus method combines the advantages of the clear and precise ARM Plus method with the availability of the highest ignition voltage provided by the systems test set, similar to the Decay method.

Active ARM
An optimized series impedance in the output circuit of the surge generator provides the full voltage of the surge generator at the fault location, to ignite the arc.
This concept uses two active sources for a controlled arc stabilization with an extra 640 J source.

The safety of the user of electric systems is of utmost priority. The design of the test van systems and instruments take especially the safety issues very seriously.

Power Cable /Test and Diagnosis:-
VLF-Test Systems: Very Low Frequency 0.1 Hz Test

Quick and reliable testing after installing or repairing cable systems has an increasing importance.
Reconnecting the voltage without testing is a risk and is in accordance with most standards and inter-nal regulations not permitted.
A typically applied method is a five- or ten-minute DC test in the operating voltage range. Either simple DC testers or insulation testers are used; however, with maximum voltages of 10 kV, they seldom come close to the operating voltage range.
It is a well-known fact that particularly for XLPE cables testing with DC voltage is useless, and if the cables are old, it can even cause additional age-ing or damage due to polarization effects.
Looking at this current practice, it soon becomes clear that DC voltage tests can only reveal the most serious problems. Hidden problems cannot be de-tected in this way, and therefore lead to breakdowns during operation following the test.
SebaKMT solved this problem and developed a very small, lightweight testing device which offers the advantage of alternating voltage. With an output voltage of 20 kV and 0.1 Hz AC at 0.5 F and up to 2.5 F at 0.02 Hz, the Easytest provides sufficient power to test cables up to 2 km lengths at 0.1 Hz in the 20 kV range with a test voltage of 1,7 Uo.
A DC voltage module with leakage current
measurement is available for testing of PVC and PILC.
The testing options are completed by a sheath test-ing function and pulsed output voltage for sheath fault pinpointing.

  • Easy to operate
  • Configurable test sequences
  • Compact, sturdy and lightweight
  • No polarisation effects
  • Full AC voltage testing
Power Cable / Cable Selection:

The AL NT Cable and Phase Identification Instrument is designed as safe and reliable tool for the field work. This unit combines all necessary functions for detecting the target cable out of a bundle of cables in trenches or cable trays and it will positively identify and match unknown phases for reliable network installation and operation. The AL NT is available in three versions to conveniently adapt to customer needs and is designed for rugged field use.
The new NT-impulse method was especially developed for comfortable and reliable identification in all types of de-energized cables and provides identification in energized LV cables.
Under certain conditions, the "twisted-field-method" offers advantages and therefore is include in all three versions and the corresponding Surface-Sensor is included in the standard scope of delivery.

  • High reliability due to online-communication of generator and receiver with digital NT-impulse technology
  • Comfortable and self-explaining operation with automatic calibration of various sensors
  • Evaluation algorithms with DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Cable selection on energized and de-energized cables
  • Direct galvanic or inductive coupling of the signal to the test object
  • Internal rechargeable battery with built-in charger, operation from 230 V AC mains or 12 V DC car adapter
  • Battery status of generator displayed on receiver
  • Standard flexible coupler clamp
  • Receiver conveniently stored and charged in generator case
  • Three version available to suit operators needs
  • Robust and ergonomic design
Version -S
Cable identification on de-energized cables with
  • NT-impulse method
  • "Twisted-Field-Method" using audio frequency
  • Single phase connection
Version -V
identical to Version -S but including
  • Cable identification on energized low voltage cables
Version -VP
Identical to Version -V but including
  • Simultaneous three-phase cable identification
  • Phase identification on de-energized cables
Cable and pipeline location:

FLE 10: Ferrolux Line Tracing Receiver:-

Signal Select:
Signal Select is a patent technique for identifying the direction of signal flow in a line. This technique clearly enhances the reliability and efficiency of route position finding.
It has its particular merits in all events where there are a number of systems on the site running closely side by side. The generator system FLG 10 generates an especially modulated audio frequency signal which is transmitted into the line either directly or inductively. The receiver system FLE 10 / FS 10 detects this signal over the target line and determines the direction of the signal flow.

The maximum technique used so far has only a very broad resolution. Therefore, it has mostly been used for tasks in the field of ground survey.

The new FERROLUX Receiver System FLE 10 / FS 10 features a new level of the maximum technique called SuperMax. Therefore the common maximum (peak) and minimum (null) methods are linked in a special manner.

This technique allows even users with little experience to obtain precise results in line locating.

Direct Signal:
The analog receiver signal is directly made audible by the internal speaker or earphones. Listening directly to the receiver signal gives the user more information, supports visual indications on the receiver and so increases the efficiency of line locating.
Separate rotary controls for signal gain and volume.
Distance-dependant right/left control The direction arrows on the display indicate whether the route position sensor FS10 has to be moved to the left or the right for the target line to be directly underneath the sensor. The changing length of the arrows indicates the distance to the line path. Vertical markings on the arrow appear when the sensor FS10 has reached a 45 angle to the side of the target line.

  • Clear display
    Signal flow from the generator to the far end
    Signal flow from the far end to the generator
  • No dependence on line length
  • For any type of line (cable, pipe)
  • Inductive or direct coupling of signal
  • Maximum Method
    Advantage: Best reception above line
    Drawback: Wide locating area
  • Minimum Method
    Advantage: Precise locating
    Drawback: Strong signal to the left and to the right of the line
  • SuperMax Method
    Precise locating with best signal exactly above the line
  • No signal beside the line
  • Highly sensitive coils for signal detection Filtering and optimization of audio volume Direct output of the analog receiver signal
  • Clearly visible direction readout
  • Distance dependant display of direction
  • Definite indication when receiver is above cable
Solar Aviation Lighting
Airfield Lights

Avlite airfield lights include taxiway edge lighting, barricade lighting, obstruction lighting, apron edge and helipad edge lighting. The lights provide enormous cost and reliability advantages over traditional lighting, and require no wiring or bulb replacement.

Obstruction Lights

Avlite obstruction lights include compact models used extensively to mark towers in Asia, in addition to a series of self-contained Low Intensity Obstruction Lights compliant with LIOL A and LIOL B requirements for towers up to 105 meters.
view Obstruction Lights

Hazard Beacons

Avlite hazard beacons include a series of solar-powered LED beacons capable of years of zero-maintenance service.

Area Lighting

Avlite have a proprietary range of solar-powered LED area lighting systems including airfield sign lights, domed luminaires and various fixtures, and complete area lights - the perfect solution for illuminating work areas.


Accessories to Avlite products include; non-slip rubber mounting tiles, frangible mounting couplings (tested to FAA standards), ground mounting kits, pole-mount kits & various adaptor fittings. If you can’t find your required accessory here, we can probably build it.




GE Energy Services

  • I-210 Family - The I-210 family of single phase electronic meters offers a wide range of functionality with a design that is a powerful combination of accuracy, reliability, and value. Set apart by their industry leading quality, these meters come with various integrated communication technologies as well as a fully rated service switch.
  • kV2c Family - The GE line of commercial and industrial meters, with our patented Fitzall™ feature to reduce inventory, moves beyond revenue metering to real time instrumentation, true power quality monitoring and real cost of service measurements. Whether you are metering the simplest energy rate or collecting critical quality of service and load analysis information on a polyphase or a single phase circuit, there is a kV2c meter configuration to meet your needs.
  • SM Residential Family - The SM family of single phase and three phase electronic smart meters provides a robust smart metering platform compliant with all IEC regulatory standards. Available in both single and three phase models, with and without load control, as well as modular communication options, this family of products delivers advanced functionality, flexibility and value to meet your application
  • SM Commercial and Industrial Family - The GE line of commercial and industrial meters moves beyond revenue metering to real time instrumentation, true power quality monitoring and real cost of service measurements. Whether you are metering the simplest energy rate or collecting critical quality of service and load analysis information, the SM family can be configured to meet your needs

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