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TriGen IM Nail System
The innovative implant design of the TriGen* system takes universal to a new level both with implants and instrumentation. The concise, yet comprehensive design allows you to treat virtually any lower-extremity fracture with just three nail designs, quickly, easily and successfully. While a variety of unique sizes and hole configurations offers maximum versatility.

External Fixation

Ilizarov External Fixator

Since the 1950s when Dr. Gavriil A. Ilizarov first developed the Ilizarov External Fixator*, it has been used in more than 1 million cases worldwide. Available in the West since 1981, the Ilizarov External Fixator has proven itself as an unequaled fracture reduction device. The original Ilizarov can be assembled in more than 600 different ways. With the advent of the Ilizarov System, that number is even higher

Taylor Spatial Frame

Your simple solution for treating fractures is finally within reach. The Taylor Spatial Frame* Fixator. Precision alignment. Anatomic perfection. Total control. An easy-to-use software package guides you every step of the way. The Taylor Spatial Frame Fixator comes preassembled. It is a computer-assisted fracture and deformity correction solution. There are three versions: the standard frame, an open frame and a foot frame, Simple, Effective, Efficient.

Joint Replacement

Oxinium* (oxidized zirconium) isn't a new implant. It's a new material, exclusively available from Smith & Nephew. Wear debris can be greatly reduced . The nickel content is almost nil, addressing the needs of the nickel-sensitive patient. Hardness, lubricity and abrasion resistance are all improved. Initially, Oxinium is available in our two already proven knee systems - Genesis II and Profix. Ultimately, it will revolutionize your thinking.

SYNERGY provides the surgeon cementless, cemented and fracture management systems that use the same two trays of instrumentation. The cementless system offers the option of a porous stem, a hydroxyapatite (HA) stem, an HA on porous stem and a titanium press fit stem for different indications and surgeon preference.

Arthroscopic Surgery

High Definition Surgical Camera
*smith & nephew
The Smith & Nephew 560 Series High Definition Camera System meets the HDTV benchmark for pure HD imaging for all endoscopic specialties. The 560P CCU utilizes advanced digital image processing to consistently deliver the exceptional high definition images surgeons demand. The 560 Series: the only definition that matters.
High Definition Camera
Control Unit
High Definition Camera Head

Bioabsorbable Screws
Anatomically Targeted Screws for ACL and PCL Reconstruction Only one line of bioabsorbable screws gives you technique-specific screws optimized for all approaches of both ACL and PCL reconstruction: BioRCI from Smith & Nephew.

ENDOBUTTON CL Fixation Device
One of the strongest soft tissue fixation devices for cruciate reconstruction, the ENDOBUTTON◊ CL fixation device. Its pre-threaded, continuous loop of suture demonstrates among the highest failure loads of any competitive device. The ENDOBUTTON CL fixation device offers simple rigid fixation.

DYONICS 25 Fluid Management System

High flow and consistent performance


  • Flow rates up to 2.5 lpm
  • Maintains stable pressure in the joint and also maintains clear field of view
Easy to set up and use
  • No calibration required
  • Simply insert the tubing cassette, select the cannula size and press START
Multiple tube set options
  • A variety of tubing options are available, including day tubing, which enables you to select the most cost-effective solution for your facility.
  • Durable, easy to use and clean battery operated unit with auto power off.
  • Provides audible and visual alarms when fluid bags are running low.
Wireless Remote Control
  • Provides full control of all pump inflow and outflow functions from anywhere within the OR.

Smith & Nephew DYONICS POWER Shaver Systems
The following features are standard on all DYONICS POWER control units:
  • Blade family auto_recognition recalls blade and burr settings
  • Blade window lock helps protect tissue from open edgeforms
  • Communicates with DYONICS 25 and InteliJET pumps to maximize visibility while minimizing fluid usage.
In addition, the high_performance DYONICS POWER II Control Unit offers two unique, customizable oscillate modes for efficient soft tissue resection; dual hot ports for simultaneous shaver and powered instrument operation; and an integrated flush lavage feature to rapidly clear the visual field of debris.

Meniscal Repair Systems

Easy to slide, hard to break
The new ULTRA FAST_FIX, all inside meniscal repair system now with ULTRABRAID suture provides exceptional fixation strength and easier knot sliding. With pre_loaded implants, a pre_tied, self_sliding knot, the ULTRA FAST_FIX System enables you to efficiently deploy two implants vertical or horizontal on the superior or tibial surface of the meniscus.

ACL/PCL Reconstruction Drill Guide Systems


The Smith & Nephew ACUFEX DIRECTOR ELITE Drill Guide System is a complete system of instruments for the accurate, reproducible placement and drilling of tibial and femoral tunnels during single_incision ACL reconstruction. The system components are sized for both bone_tendon_bone and soft tissue grafts.

Xenon Light
Smith & Nephew Dyonics* Light Sources provide bright white light for natural color reproduction. They feature a multi-port light cable receptacle for use with the fiber optic light cables with Dyonics, Olympus, Storz or ACMI source ends.

Video Image Capture Devices
660HD Image Management System
The Smith & Nephew 660HD Image Management System is an easy to use digital capture system that enables the OR staff to capture, edit, print, and store intraoperative surgical images and videos in true 1920 x 1080 high definition (HD) format.

Arthroscopy System
The Smith & Nephew DYONICS VULCAN Arthroscopy System is designed to help improve procedure efficiency and outcome with a complete line of RF products for knee, shoulder, hip, and small joint procedures.

Monopolar, bipolar, temperature control, and impedance monitoring capabilities aid in optimizing energy delivery to produce the desired tissue effect.

All Smith & Nephew RF probes are available with integrated cables which increases staff efficiency by eliminating cable sterilization and storage requirements.

Autoprobe recognition takes the guesswork out of selecting power settings. Troubleshooting is facilitated with audible alarms and error message display.

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