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Infection Control
Safety Blood Collection Devices

Safety Tube Holders

Injuries due to contaminated venipuncture devices are still the primary cause of accidents in hospitals. This is a significant source of danger for many employed in the healthcare sector. The Safety Tube Holders from VACUETTE can provide effective protection against needlestick injuries. Greiner Bio-One has developed two innovative product solutions: the VACUETTE QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder and the new VACUETTE PREMIUM Safety Needle System.

The VACUETTE QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder is especially suitable for application in the daily blood collection routine, due to the user friendly functioning.

The safety cap is activated immediately after blood collection using one hand. With the aid of a solid support, the safety cap closes over the needle. A clearly audible "Click" indicates that the safety mechanism has been activated correctly. The product provides simple user comfort and a high level of safety.

VACUETTE PREMIUM Safety Needle System
This new product from Greiner Bio-One can reliably prevent needlestick injuries. The big advantage is that the safety protection cap is automatically activated when a tube is inserted into the holder. The blood collection routine is carried out as usual. The phlebotomist does not have to activate the safety mechanism. The spring inside the holder ensures that the needle is safely enclosed in the protective cap on removal from the vein. The system provides the user with maximum safety and handling comfort. This Product is available in spring 2009

Safety Blood Collection Sets

The Safety Blood Collection Set with integrated needle protection is an important contribution to avoiding needlestick injuries. After use, the safety mechanism is activated inside the patient's vein. To do this, the wings of the set are held in place with the fingers of one hand. With the other hand, the slide is released by pushing together the pieces on the side. The slide is then pulled back. An audible �Click� indicates correct activation.


Item No. Description Size Outer Pack Inner Pack
450080 Safety Blood Col. Set + Holder 25Gx30cm SP Sterile 240 24
450081 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 21Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450082 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 23Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450083 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 21Gx10cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450084 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 23Gx10cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450085 Safety Blood Col. Set + Holder 21GX19cm SP Sterile 240 24
450086 Safety Blood Col. Set + Holder 23Gx19cm SP Sterile 240 24
450087 Safety Blood Col. Set + Holder 21Gx10cm SP Sterile 240 24
450091 Safety Blood Collection Set 21Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450092 Safety Blood Collection Set 23Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450095 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 21Gx30cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450096 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 23Gx30cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450099 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 25Gx30cm SP Sterile 1000 50

Safety Syringe
BD Medical - Medical Surgical Systems

Spring based retracting syringe with detachable needle.
Unique non-luer thread design - BD Tru-lok of the BD Integra detachable needle provides
  • Low waste
  • Secure connection
  • Activation of retracting needle before or after needle is withdrawn from the patient- clinician takes the decision.
Sharp Disposal Containers

BD Medical - Medical Surgical Systems
The new range of Bd sharps disposal containers is designed to optimize point of use disposal to help reduce the risks of blood exposure and needle stick injuries associated with the disposal process



3E-Zyme multi enzyme cleaner cleans in 30 seconds - effective against proteins fats and carbohydrates. Bactericidal and non-foaming
Clean instruments in 30 seconds.

3E-Zyme uses a combination of three high performance enzymes. These are fully effective against, and digest ALL, residues and deposits normally found on surgical instruments and apparatus including proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and mucopolysaccharides.

Hand Hygiene Products Head Sanitizer

Assure Hand Sanitising Mousse


  • Assure sanitising mousse offers effective protection against cross infection when dealing with patients
  • Contributes to good hand hygiene - adhere to the six step hand washing technique
  • Low alcohol -
    • will not dry or irritate the skin yet leaves an effective barrier film that continues to offer protection
    • extremely mild leaving hands soft and moisturised Requires no water or rinsing
  • Un-perfumed and suitable for food preparation areas
  • Available in 3 sizes
    • Pocket size 50ml - suitable for staff visitors and residents
    • 600ml - communal use
    • 800ml - single use pouch

Hard Surface Wipes

Azo Active - Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes & Sprays

A range of hard surface disinfectant wipes and sprays effective against bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, fungi and also mycobacterium
  • Delivers a residual action meaning they continue to be effective on hard surfaces for up to seven days after application
  • The surfaces become residually microbial over time and thus reduce infection levels
  • The formulation of the range is alcohol free

Minimises the risk of healthcare professionals developing dermatitis as a result of extended use

Waterless Bathing System

Oasis Active - Moist Antibacterial Skin Cleansing wipes
  • An antibacterial skin cleansing wipe effective against bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, fungi and also mycobacterium
  • Provides immediate broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
  • The formulation of the range is ultra low in alcohol so therefore no drying effect on the skin
  • Gently moisturises the skin
  • Dermatological tested
Wound Management

ExsudexTM provides wound drainage by means of topical negative pressure leading to effective wound management.
Synergy Healthcare are committed to working with healthcare providers to develop centre's of excellence for Exsudex wound drainage.

Ultrasound Cleaner

Sonic Irrigator PCF


  • Cannulated Pulse Enhancement' for optimized 'in lumen' cleaning performance
  • 40 Cannula instrument flush capability
  • Accommodates Longer Instruments
  • Automatic filling and draining
  • Automatic pre-wash, wash, rinse, disinfection* (optional) process
  • Spray wash/pre-wash system
  • Automatic de-gas
  • Detergent dosing system
  • Track-Lok load system for quick 'one click' basket connection
  • Option for lubrication dosing system
  • Parametric controlled lumen flow/flush system (PCF)
  • Ultrasonic autotune 'sweetspot' power maximiser
  • Sonic power measurement indicator
  • Electromechanical locking lid
  • Electronic interlocked lid
  • User prompt display' with twin temperature measuring circuits
  • RS232 instrument traceability data output
  • Sound attenuating lid with gas struts
  • Compliance with ISO15883/1 standard

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