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ammoDiagnost DR - Digital Mammography

High throughout direct digital mammography with large full-field detector, intuitive user interface and UNIQUE image processing software

This direct digital radiography system features a large full-field mammography detector and a user friendly geometry for easy positioning of you patients. It boasts a small pixel size of 85 um and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC). But most importantly the system is designed to maximize workflow performance

MammoDiagnost with PCR Eleva - Computed Mammography

A conventional mammography system with digital imaging capabilities for improved workflow on a moderate budget

MammoDiagnost - Analog Mammography

An all-around conventional mammography system ready for all applications
The Philips MammoDiagnost is a highly versatile system for high-volume screening, as well as special views, magnification and digital stereotactic biopsies. A user-friendly design combined with perfect patient accessibility and superior image quality makes this system an excellent choice for your woman's healthcare services.

microSelectron Digital

The scalable Brachytherapy treatment delivery platform that meets your HDR and PDR needs.

The new microSelectron Digital is the latest evolution of Nucletron's distinguished afterloader series, with a 20 year reputation for reliability, safety and performance. The groundbreaking software architecture of the new platform combines these qualities with all-in-one versatility and unmatched flexibility that integrates completely into your radiation therapy program.

The microSelectron Digital works seamlessly with Nucletron's Oncentra treatment planning and imaging solutions and our brachytherapy applicators. As a result of the flexible platform concept, the microSelectron Digital can treat every form of cancer for which High Dose Rate (HDR) and Pulsed Dose Rate (PDR) Brachytherapy is suitable in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Because the functionality is in the software rather than the hardware, it is easy to upgrade from a 6 channel use option for treatments needing only a low number of channels (breast, gynecological, skin, esophageal, nasopharyngeal), to an 18 or 30 channel use option that will add complex interstitial breast, prostate, sarcoma and other treatments requiring a higher number of treatment channels. At the same time, every microSelectron Digital is suitable for HDR and PDR modalities, supported by specially optimized intuitive graphical user interfaces for each modality.

The microSelectron Digital provides computer-aided training, which helps shortening the learning curve for your staff, reducing operational cost for your clinic. The platform builds upon Nucletron's closed-loop source logistics, and encompasses encrypted digital key technology for maximum security. The microSelectron Digital will perform automatic checks to ensure the source-strength is in the correct range.

The microSelectron Digital is fully compatible with DICOM-based treatment records and plans, and works seamlessly with Nucletron's Oncentra treatment planning and imaging solutions. The platform also connects with Nucletron's OnConnect system for off-site, remote monitoring to always ensure optimum performance of your system. It is fully compatible with Nucletron HDR and PDR brachytherapy applicators and consumables.

Future-proof, backward compatible
Thanks to its platform design concept, each microSelectron Digital afterloader can be easily tailored to exactly meet your needs. When you have invested in a 6 channel use option, you will be in a position to upgrade to an 18 or even a 30 channel use option if the need arises. The previous generation of microSelectron can be upgraded to the new version, bringing all the benefits of the latest digital technology in a cost-effective manner.

Treatment Planning System:
Oncentra MasterPlan


Independent multimodality treatment planning for external beam radiotherapy.

Multimodality images
Oncentra MasterPlan, our external beam treatment planning application, offers a high degree of integration with the most optimal imaging modalities for your patient. Registration of different image types can be done quickly through selection of image registration options. Once registration has been completed, target areas and critical volumes can be defined using the various image modalities, in multiple views providing extreme flexibility to the clinician. The target areas and critical volumes can be segmented using a large variety of automated and time saving tools.

IMRT Optimization
Our external beam treatment planning application offers highly advanced and state-of-the-art IMRT Optimization. The highly graphical, user friendly interface results in powerful optimization of IMRT plans, quickly and with extremely high quality. The Direct Step & Shoot approach provides superb dose conformity with fewer MLC segments, resulting in shorter treatment times.

State of the art physics
Advanced physics algorithms are proven as the best in external beam treatment planning. The highly accurate modeling of the treatment unit head, combined with the advanced collapsed cone algorithm for photons, and the Monte Carlo for electrons provide clinicians with the accuracy they require.

Multimodality plan analysis
The Plan Analysis environment offers you the best of breed tools like synchronized plan evaluation and the live dose pointer for swift plan evaluation from simple to complex plans.

Best and proven DICOM connectivity
Our external beam treatment planning application is DICOM compatible. The planning system includes numerous tools that facilitate connecting to all of the DICOM enabled devices in the clinic. Clinicians can easily move, view and work in an integrated way. It can also import DICOM objects, dose objects and plans that have been developed on other systems.
Cancer Marker Antibodies

Primary Antibodies
Primary monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, primary antibody conjugates, and prediluted ready-to-use antibody systems are presented here. These products are intended for use on tissue sections and/or cell smears.

Products originating from the same primary antibody have been grouped together. For each group, suitable tissue fixation and pretreatment of sections are indicated.

All Dako antibody reagents for immunohistochemistry are in liquid form and contain an antimicrobial agent. A detailed product description, a guideline for dilution, and a recommended staining procedure are given in the package insert included with each vial.

Multipurpose Antibodies

Owing to their high specificity and precipitating ability, a number of primary antibodies, notably polyclonal antibodies, are well-suited for a variety of applications. This section presents these antibodies, and lists the techniques for which they have been tested and proven useful. Research reagents may also be well-suited for techniques that have not been mentioned.

Secondary Antibodies

Secondary antibodies (antibodies to animal immunoglobulins) are utilized either for the direct detection of animal immunoglobulins or for amplification of the reaction between a primary antibody and the target antigen. Secondary antibodies play an important role in immunohistochemical procedures, immunoblotting, ELISAs and a number of other immunological methods. All Dako secondary antibodies and their conjugates are carefully tested to ensure good performance and low lot-to-lot variation. Several Dako secondary antibodies are presented in different grades regarding antiserum purification (immunoglobulin fraction of antiserum, affinity-isolated antibody, F(ab')2 fragment antibody) and also regarding the absorptions which have been performed to remove interspecies cross-reactions.

Further Information
A package insert with detailed product description and guidelines for dilutions accompanies all Dako secondary antibodies. The booklet "Secondary Antibodies" (Order No. 00070) presents Dako's range of secondary antibodies and their general characteristics, and gives a description of the benefits of the different grades. This allows selection of the most appropriate reagent for a particular application.

Control Reagents
The normal animal sera and animal immunoglobulins listed are well-suited as qualitative negative controls for Dako antibodies. The products are in liquid form and contain an antimicrobial agent. Negative controls should always be diluted to match the concentration of the corresponding antibody.

Negative Controls for FLEX RTU
Negative Controls for RTU

FISH probes

CISH and FISH Kits
In situ hybridization techniques are used to localize specific nucleic acid sequences within the DNA in cells in tissues or cytological preparations, on chromosomes, or in whole mounts. Development of non-radioactive probes and detection systems has made the ISH technology available to a wide variety of routine applications. Dako has developed kits for both FISH applications as well as CISH applications with the new DuoCISHTM kit.

Brilliance CT - Big Bore Oncology
Enriching lives one patient at a time with Brilliance CT Big Bore Oncology configuration

Philips Brilliance CT Big Bore Oncology configuration builds on the unparalleled success of Philips AcQsim single-slice CT scanner. The Big Bore Oncology configuration offers oncologists an 85cm bore that addresses patient positioning concerns and reaps the reward of high-speed, superior spatial resolution, all while providing 16 x 0.75 isotropic imaging.

Features and benefits:
  • 85cm bore size to accommodate patients in immobilization devices or with bulky patient monitoring devices.
  • 60cm true Scan Field of View (SFOV) to include all patient skin surface; no compromise when using the scan for radiation dose calculations.
  • 16-slice per revolution with 2.4cm coverage allows you to cover larger areas in the fastest time.
  • Oncology specific tools to increase throughput i.e. full length cursor, oncology protocols.
  • CT L.O.C. (Localization On the Console) increases workflow.*
  • Respiratory correlated gating with connectivity to third-party gating devices.*
  • Patient couch assembly to meet accuracy demands of oncology departments.

Wide open for every opportunity When it comes to streamlining the processes involved in staging, planning, therapy, and follow-up in oncology care, the Philips GEMINI TF Big Bore system lets you do more for patients, more efficiently.

Next big thing in oncology patient care
GEMINI TF Big Bore is the world's first Big Bore PET/CT system, combining advanced GEMINI TF PET image quality with market leading Brilliance CT Big Bore performance.

The Philips patented OpenView gantry design has always enabled greater patient comfort, and now it's coupled with a full 85 cm bore diameter for both PET and CT.

This unique combination of leading technologies allows you to consolidate radiation oncology procedures, increase the potential for greater accuracy, and improve scheduling.

Proprietary technology to streamline workflow
Philips TruFlight time-of-flight technology helps improve image quality, especially for large patients, while it boosts procedure capacity. Perform high-resolution, diagnostic whole-body PET scans quickly, across a range of applications. Exceptional sensitivity enables the use of low doses, minimizing exposure to patients and staff.

Greater insight throughout the oncology care cycle
By combining Big Bore PET and CT, the GEMINI TF Big Bore system allows you to improve the effectiveness of treatment with new levels of efficiency.

Seamlessly integrate information about tumor metabolic activity, as well as structure, into the radiation therapy process in ways not possible until now.

Improve treatment accuracy with the same oversized bore opening for both PET and CT, which allows patients to be positioned in the same manner for both simulation and therapy.

Leverage the significant workflow and clinical advantages of Brilliance CT Big Bore, such as Tumor LOC.

Interact seamlessly with the Philips Pinnacle radiation treatment planning system, which offers speed and accuracy that lead the industry.

Enable automatic segmentation and monitoring of tumor progression before, during, and after therapy with Tumor Tracking application, proprietary to Philips.


Cyclone 18/9 -HC
Recurrent, fast and high production capacity


  • Cyclone 18/9: 18MeV proton - Dual beam-Dual sources, used to produce FDG, 11C- compounds and also Iodine-123.
  • 18MeV produces more activity with same quantity enriched water fro 18F-production than a 10MeV cyclotron

IBA is a world leader in designing and manufacturing SPECT and PET cyclotrons and chemistry systems used to manufacture radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures (Molecular Imaging). IBA offers the broadest range of technologies for radioisotopes production.

Turn your most advanced project into reality by employing the IBA global solution for a turnkey cyclotron facility and expertise in full pharmaceutical engineering.

Global solution

  • Facility and Process equipment
  • Radiation safety calculations
  • cGMP validation
  • Financing solutions
  • Training programs
Blue Phantoms
The Blue Phantom is the most advanced water phantom for fast & accurate commissioning, acceptance and QA of Linacs:


  • engraved crosshairs on the tank walls and the bottom enable fast alignment under a Linac
  • calibrated position indicators and an integrated leveling mechanism
  • the CCU has two integrated independent electrometers that allow connecting ion chambers and solid state detectors (diodes)
  • most advanced 3D water phantom configuration for commissioning and QA of linear accelerators
  • the only water phantom that includes both step-by-step as well as the unique continuous scanning mode
  • aluminum and stainless steel mechanics with fixation of the X-axis on both sides
  • highest measurement efficiency and maximum mechanical stability
  • the system is operated through the fully workflow oriented OmniPro-Accept software
  • availability of a full range of detectors and accessories

OmniPro-Accept 7.0

The OmniPro-Accept 7.0 is an advanced and intuitive software for fast and accurate commissioning, acceptance and QA of Linacs in Relative Dosimetry.

Water phantom carriage

Separate water phantom carriage with manually or electrically (telescopic) operated lifting mechanism for the positioning of the water phantom. The carriage has two fixed and two steerable rollers with brakes. The electrical version has one compartment and two drawers for storing accessories and is furthermore equipped with a leveling frame for fine adjustment in vertical and horizontal directions.

Water Reservoir
Separate tank trolley on wheels with a polyethylene water reservoir and a pump for unidirectional or bidirectional water transport to and from the water phantom. Optionally the water reservoir can be prepared with an electronic pump control for TMR/TPR measurements

For on-line measurement of tissue absorption ratios with fixed source detector distance. A linear displacement transducer, operating by means of a pulse echo princple, accurately measures the changing water level. The TMR depth dose curve is measured in continuous mode with real-time display of dose versus water level.

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