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Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes
The product group "Preanalytics" offers innovative solutions for the collection of human samples. These products are successfully distributed to over 100 countries under the brand name VACUETTE. Greiner Bio-One developed these custom made products in close cooperation with customers, and in accordance with the daily routine demands of hospitals, laboratories, blood banks and doctors surgeries. Please note that the practice orientated guidelines, instructions and recommendations throughout this site are only for use by doctors and other qualified personnel.

Venous Blood Collection
The brand name VACUETTE has become synonymous with progress and innovation in specimen collection. Like most other trendsetters, the VACUETTE System has often been copied, but never successfully imitated in terms of quality and safety.
All components of the VACUETTE System are available in different versions, in a broadly diversified product line. The VACUETTE Blood Collection Tube range covers all requirements in the modern routine laboratory as well as in the specialised laboratory. The tube holder and venipuncture system can be selected depending on the patient's individual vein conditions and varying safety requirements.

Tube Range
A broad tube range covers all requirements. Even for special laboratory diagnostics or for complex laboratory organisation, tubes with the appropriate additives, in the various colour codes and different dimensions are available.

Clinical Chemistry
Coagulation Analysis
Blood Sedimentation
Glucose Determination
Molecular Diagnostics
Special Diagnostics

Closure Systems
To ensure quick and flexible reactions to the varying requirements in laboratories, Greiner Bio-One can offer VACUETTE Blood Collection Tubes with 13 mm diameter in three different versions.
Whatever the area of application, Greiner Bio-One has the right type of tube. We differentiate between "Ridged", "Non-Ridged" and PREMIUM versions. All tubes with 16 mm diameter are non-ridged tubes as standard.

Due to the perfect combination of safety screw cap and thread, the PREMIUM tube is easy to open manually, requiring minimal effort and ensures a maximum of safety. The controlled opening means that there is no jerking when opening by hand. The potential danger of blood splashes is prevented this way. The closure system is of course also excellently suited to automatic opening via decapping instruments.

There are no ridges around the rim of this tube, which means that the cap can be removed with a simple pull movement. This closure system is especially suitable, if caps must be removed from tubes quickly.

Snap Caps
For recapping VACUETTE tubes which have been opened. Snap Caps are suitable for all 13 mm diameter tubes.

Clinical Chemistry
In general, serum/plasma is used for clinical chemistry.

Serum is obtained from whole blood by centrifugation after completion of the coagulation process. It is devoid of clotting factors, but enriched with the cellular components of platelets and metabolic products.

Heparinised plasma is the virtually cell-free supernatant following centrifugation of whole blood, the coagulability of which is inhibited by the addition of heparin immediately after blood collection.

Serum Tubes
The inner wall of the VACUETTE Serum tubes have a special coating of microscopic silica particles to activate the coagulation process.
Serum gel tubes contain an inert barrier gel that is present in the bottom of the tube. During centrifugation the barrier gel moves upward to the serum - clot interface, where it forms a stable barrier separating the serum from fibrin and cells. VACUETTE Serum Tubes with Gel improve the serum yield and enable serum to be left in the primary tube.

Heparin Tubes
The inner wall of the VACUETTE Heparin tubes is coated with spray-dried lithium, ammonium or sodium heparin. The additives are anticoagulants, which block the coagulation cascade and prevent coagulation of the blood sample.
Plasma gel tubes contain an inert barrier gel that is present in the bottom of the tube. During centrifugation the barrier gel moves upward to the plasma - cell interface, where it forms a stable barrier separating the plasma from cells. VACUETTE Plasma Tubes with Gel improve the plasma yield and enable plasma to be left in the primary tube.

Coagulation Analysis
Citrate blood is the most commonly obtained examination sample for coagulation determinations. Sodium citrate functions as anticoagulant by chelating calcium.
The innovative VACUETTE coagulation tubes for coagulation diagnostics with double-wall technology guarantees reliable analysis results, because on the one hand, a long shelf life of the vacuum is guaranteed, whilst on the other hand, a constant mixing ratio for the citrate solution is ensured.

Coagulation Tubes
The coagulation tubes contain a buffered sodium citrate solution. The concentration is either 3.2% or 3.8%. The proportion of blood to the sodium citrate anticoagulation volume is 9:1.
The tubes are used for determinations in citrated plasma for coagulation testing.

CTAD Tubes
In addition to sodium citrate, CTAD tubes contain theophylline, adenosine and dipyridamol. The last three substances inhibit thrombocyte activation. This "stabilisation" of thrombocytes prevents artificial thrombocyte factors coming into contact with the plasma (falsifying the results). CTAD tube should be used for those determinations in which it is very important to avoid release of platelet factors between collection of blood and performance of the test.

EDTA binds the calcium ions and therefore blocks the coagulation cascade. Erythrocytes, leucocytes and thrombocytes in an EDTA anticoagulated blood sample are stable for up to 24 hours.

EDTA Tubes
The tube interior of EDTA tubes is spray dried with EDTA. (EDTA ) a salt of ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid). EDTA tubes are offered as either K2EDTA or K3EDTA tubes.

Blood Sedimentation
The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) can be used as a non-specific search technique for inflammatory reactions and observing their development. VACUETTE ESR tubes are used for determination of the ESR.

ESR Systems
VACUETTE ESR tubes are used for ESR determination. The VACUETTE erythrocyte sedimentation systems (open, closed and automated) are based on the Westergren method.

The open VACUETTE ESR System consists of 3 parts:
1. 13/75mm VACUETTE ESR tube
2. Graduated pipette
3. Rack.

The closed VACUETTE ESR System consists of two parts:
1. 9/120mm VACUETTE ESR tube
2. ESR rack with a scale.

The automated VACUETTE ESR System consists of two parts:
1. 9/120mm VACUETTE ESR tube
2. ESR reader.

Glucose Determination
Both sodium fluoride and iodoacetate are used in VACUETTE Glucose Tubes as glycolysis inhibitors to preserve glucose when combined with an anticoagulant such as EDTA, potassium oxalate or heparin. The tubes are suitable for determining glucose and lactate.

Glucose Tubes
The VACUETTE glucose tubes contain a stabiliser and an anticoagulant.
FX Glucose tubes contain sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate
FE Glucose tubes contain sodium fluoride and und K3EDTA
FH Glucose tubes contain sodium fluoride and und sodium heparin
MJA Glucose tubes contain iodoacetate and lithium heparin

Molecular Diagnostics
EDTA K2 gel tubes are for the examination of EDTA plasma for molecular diagnostics and for viral load determinations.

EDTA K2 Sep Tubes
The tube interior is spray dried with K2EDTA. The tubes contain an inert barrier gel that is present in the bottom of the tube. During centrifugation the barrier gel moves upward to the plasma - cell interface, where it forms a stable barrier separating the plasma from cells.

Special Diagnostics
Greiner Bio-One offers a broad selection of tubes for blood grouping, for crossmatching, for testing of labile polypeptide hormones and enzymes and for determining trace elements.

ACD-A, ACD-B, CPDA tubes Blood grouping
Serum / EDTA crossmatch tubes  Crossmatching
EDTA / Aprotinin tube - testing of labile polypeptide hormones and enzymes
Serum tube, heparin tube, no additive tube Determination of trace elements

Trace Element Tubes
VACUETTE Trace Element Tubes contain sodium heparin, no additive, or clot activator and are used to test trace elements.

No Additive Tubes
These tubes do not contain any additives. They can, for example, be used for CSF determinations.

Capillary Blood Collection

Capillary Blood Collection
Blood collection is a particular burden for babies and infants. The MiniCollect Capillary Blood Collection System has been especially developed by Greiner Bio-One for sample collection in paediatrics, and corresponds to the special requirements in this sensitive area.
The product range provides all important products required for capillary blood collection, and guarantees a largely pain and stress free blood sample collection, even for our smallest patients.

MiniCollect Tubes
MiniCollect tubes with anticoagulants and additives for all application areas allow for easy handling. Specially designed carrier tubes make centrifugation possible in standard instruments.

 MiniCollect No Additive Tubes
MiniCollect Serum Tubes
MiniCollect Plasma Tubes
MiniCollect Serum / Plasma Gel Tubes
MiniCollect EDTA Tubes
MiniCollect Glucose Tubes
MiniCollect Coagulation Tubes

Closure System
MiniCollect Closure Cap with Cross Cuts:

Specimen collection with unique Cross Cuts closure.
  • Enclosed, hygienic system
  • Opening not necessary

The unique Cross Cuts closure, yet another innovative feature of the MiniCollect system. The blood collection funnel or capillary is applied by pushing through the cap.
When the funnel or capillary is removed, the cap closes again automatically, and after filling is highly suitable for the hygienic, clean collection of samples from closed tubes.

Accessories for Capillary Blood Collection
The blood collection capillary and funnel are used for simplifying blood transfer from the puncture site to the MiniCollect tube. Due to the relative small size of MiniCollect tubes, a special carrier tube was designed. The carrier tube ensure compatibility of the system with most common centrifuge and laboratory instruments.

MiniCollect Funnel & Capillaries
The system is very flexible in application, as both blood transfer devices can be applied; the "funnel" or "capillary". It is thus possible to adapt to varying requirements and conditions of different blood collection situations.

MiniCollect Funnel
The funnel can be used as a collection unit. It is simply pushed through the cap prior to collection; the blood droplets flow through the opening into the tube. After collection, the funnel is removed and disposed of in an impenetrable sharps disposal container.

MiniCollect Capillaries
For capillary blood collection, a capillary tube may also be used as transfer unit. The different types of capillary tubes are coated with additives. The capillary type used should correspond to the tube type that is being filled. Eight capillaries are available. 4 different additives each in 2 lengths.

MiniCollect Safety Lancets
Gentle & Caring for Patients Both Young and Old

The new Safety Lancets from Greiner Bio-One make capillary blood collection simple and comfortable for both the patient and the user.

The appropriate lancet for every requirement:
MiniCollect Safety Lancets are available in three different versions. Depending on the volume of blood required, the lancet with the appropriate penetration depth is available:

Penetration depth Blood volume Colour
1mm Low blood flow for small sample volume pink
1,5mm Medium blood flow for middle sample volume green
2mm Strong blood flow for large sample volume blue

The new lancets provide:
More Safety

  • Absolute safety due to the automatic retraction of the blade into the plastic housing after puncture
  • The blade is only activated when the lancet has been positioned on the skin and the activation button is pressed
  • Designed for single-use only

Precision and Simple Handling

  • Each version ensures a consistent puncture depth for straightforward sample collection
  • The standardized blade positioning means reliably consistent puncture alignment
  • Ergonomic design for more handling comfort
  • Self-explanatory application saves time
  • Small, compact product design saves space in disposal container

Blood Collections Sets - Butterfly

Safety Blood Collection Sets

The Safety Blood Collection Set with integrated needle protection is an important contribution to avoiding needlestick injuries. After use, the safety mechanism is activated inside the patient's vein. To do this, the wings of the set are held in place with the fingers of one hand. With the other hand, the slide is released by pushing together the pieces on the side. The slide is then pulled back. An audible �Click� indicates correct activation.
Item No. Description Size Outer Pack Inner Pack
450080 Safety Blood Col. Set + Holder 25Gx30cm SP Sterile 240 24
450081 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 21Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450082 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 23Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450083 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 21Gx10cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450084 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 23Gx10cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450085 Safety Blood Col. Set + Holder 21GX19cm SP Sterile 240 24
450086 Safety Blood Col. Set + Holder 23Gx19cm SP Sterile 240 24
450087 Safety Blood Col. Set + Holder 21Gx10cm SP Sterile 240 24
450091 Safety Blood Collection Set 21Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450092 Safety Blood Collection Set 23Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450095 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 21Gx30cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450096 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 23Gx30cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450099 Safety Blood Col. Set + LA 25Gx30cm SP Sterile 1000 50

Blood Collection Sets
These products are primarily fur use in paediatrics and for patients with difficult vein conditions. VACUETTE Blood Collection Sets are available with different tubing lengths and needle gauges. The sets are available pre-assembled with Luer Adapter or Luer Adapter and Holder.

Item No. Description Size Outer Pack Inner Pack
450059 Blood Collection Set 21Gx10cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450064 Blood Collection Set + LA 21Gx10cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450065 Blood Collection Set + LA 21Gx30cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450066 Blood Collection Set + LA 21Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450089 Blood Collection Set + LA 23Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450153 Blood Collection Set 21Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450155 Blood Collection Set 23Gx19cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450159 Blood Collection Set + LA 23Gx30cm SP Sterile 1000 50
450371 Blood Collection Set + Holder 21Gx19cm SP Sterile 240 24
450373 Blood Collection Set + Holder 23Gx19cm SP Sterile 240 24
450375 Blood Collection Set + Holder 25Gx19cm SP Sterile 240 24

VACUETTE Multiple Use Drawing Needles
VACUETTE Multiple Use Drawing Needles are predominantly used in routine blood collection and are exclusively single-use. The colour of the needle protective cap simplifies visual recognition of the individual types. Different needle gauges and needle lengths are available.


Item No. Description Size Outer Pack Inner Pack
411072 Hypodermic Luer Needle 20Gx1 1/2" 38x0.9mm Sterile 10000 2000
411073 Hypodermic Luer Needle 21Gx1 1/2" 38x0.8mm Sterile 10000 2000
411074 Hypodermic Luer Needle 22Gx1 1/2" 38x0.7mm Sterile 10000 2000
450047 VAC. Multiple Use Draw. Needle 18Gx1" 25x1.25mm PNK Sterile 6000 2000
450048 VAC. Multiple Use Draw. Needle 18Gx1 1/2" 38x1.25mm PNK Sterile 6000 2000
450068 Single Sample Needle 18Gx1" 25x1,25mm PNK VET Sterile 6000 2000
450069 Single Sample Needle 18Gx11/2" 38x1,25mm PNK VET Sterile 6000 2000
450070 VACUETTE Luer Adapter 20G Sterile 6000 2000
450071 VAC. Multiple Use Draw. Needle 22Gx1" 25x0.7mm BLK Sterile 6000 2000
450072 VAC. Multiple Use Draw. Needle 21Gx1" 25x0.8mm GRN Sterile 6000 2000
450073 VAC. Multiple Use Draw. Needle 20Gx1" 25x0.9mm Y Sterile 6000 2000
450075 VAC. Multiple Use Draw. Needle 22Gx1.5" 38x0.7mm BLK Sterile 6000 2000
450076 VAC. Multiple Use Draw. Needle 21Gx1 1/2" 38x0.8mm GRN Sterile 6000 2000
450077 VAC. Multiple Use Draw. Needle 20Gx1.5" 38x0.9mm Y Sterile 6000 20

The VACUETTE VISIO PLUS Needle with optical venipuncture control can make an important contribution to simplifying blood collection routine for phlebotomists. The needle has a transparent plastic hub, which functions as a view window. If venipuncture is successful, the view window is coloured red due to the blood flow.

VACUETTE PREMIUM Safety Needle System
This new product from Greiner Bio-One can reliably prevent needlestick injuries. The big advantage is that the safety protection cap is automatically activated when a tube is inserted into the holder. The blood collection routine is carried out as usual. The phlebotomist does not have to activate the safety mechanism. The spring inside the holder ensures that the needle is safely enclosed in the protective cap on removal from the vein. The system provides the user with maximum safety and handling comfort. This Product is available in spring 2009

Blood Collection Accessories

The whole system can only be as good as it's individual parts. All VACUETTE products harmonise completely with each other. For both tubes and accessories, highest quality and functionality is of greatest importance for Greiner Bio-One.

Simple handling and maximum safety are of the highest importance for daily routine procedures. The requirements of the user are therefore the prime consideration during development of VACUETTE Blood Collection Accessories.

Standard Tube Holder
The special user friendly design of the VACUETTE Standard Holder ensures better fixation during blood collection.
The surface provides a firm hold and makes the collection procedure safer.

Safety Tube Holders

Injuries due to contaminated venipuncture devices are still the primary cause of accidents in hospitals. This is a significant source of danger for many employed in the healthcare sector. The Safety Tube Holders from VACUETTE can provide effective protection against needlestick injuries. Greiner Bio-One has developed two innovative product solutions: the VACUETTE QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder and the new VACUETTE PREMIUM Safety Needle System.

The VACUETTE QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder is especially suitable for application in the daily blood collection routine, due to the user friendly functioning.

The safety cap is activated immediately after blood collection using one hand. With the aid of a solid support, the safety cap closes over the needle. A clearly audible "Click" indicates that the safety mechanism has been activated correctly. The product provides simple user comfort and a high level of safety.

HOLDEX Single-Use Holder
The difference between the HOLDEX and the standard holder is the off-centre Luer needle adapter for a flat venipuncture angle. When venipuncture has been successfully carried out, the flow of blood can be seen through the translucent Luer adapter of the holder.

The product does not cause extra expense, as simple Luer needles can be used, and blood collection sets can be applied without adapter. Furthermore, indwelling venous catheters can be attached directly.


  • Optical control of blood flow
  • Off-centre adapter  ideal angle for venipuncture
  • Can be used with Luer needles
  • Winged needle does not require an adapter
  • Can be connected directly to systems such as indwelling venous catheters

SPEEDY Quick Release Holder
The SPEEDY Tube Holder allows for a safer ejection of the needle in a disposal box by pushing lightly on the trigger mechanism, with no further manipulation of the product necessary.

Additional accessories, such as tourniquets, VacuDrop and ID Snap Rings complete the comprehensive VACUETTE Blood Collection range. Snap Caps can be used for recapping VACUETTE tubes which have been opened. Snap caps are suitable for all 13mm VCUETTE tubes.

Disposables Syringe & Needles

2- piece and 3 piece syringes

Clear barrel for perfect visualization of syringe contents ,Accuracy and safety :transparent barrel and Economically designed plunger for single handed operation.

 Bd Spinal Needle Quincke Type Point

  1. Fine Qunicke bevel (short bevel) : high quality penetration.
  2. High quality steel needle for easy, regular insertion.
  3. Accurate alignment of needle and stylet: prevents biopsy effect.
  4. Translucent hub for clearer visualization of CSF
  5. Silicon free no side effects.
  6. Good needle grip and handling.
  7. Biologically safe: controlled sterilsation
  8. Individually packed in sterile peel-back "blister packs"
Foley Catheters

At Teleflex Medical we believe that all patients should have the optimal catheter for their personal situation. That is why we are the largest provider of Foley catheters in the world. With over 100 years of experience developing catheters, Rusch can offer Foley catheters suitable for every indication and application, without compromise.

Insulin Syringe & Pen Needles
BD Micro fine Plus Insulin Syringes
  1. A whole range of insulin syringes adapted to the individual needs and preferences of insulin injectors.
  2. Integrated needle, engineered with optimal point geometry for maximum comfort and reliability
  3. BD Micro fine Plus insulin syringes offer a high injection comfort with a triple bevel that is designed to reduce the penetration force required to puncture the skin.

BD Micro-FineTM Plus pen needles
New thin wall technology provides soft and reliable subcutaneous delivery of insulin for all types of patients (available for 30G and 31G pen needles). The needles retains its extremely fine external dimension but has a wider, increased inner diameter. The result is an improved insulin flow rate and a lower force that is required to push the pen injectors plunger.

Surgical Brush / Sponge

BD- E-Z Scrub
Bd single use scrub brushes have soft polyethylene bristles on one side and a polyether sponge on the other. Ergonomically designed for greater user comfort and effectiveness.

Oral Syringe

Oral Syringes with an oversize (non-luer) tip to prevent connection to IV access lines and mounting of hypodermic needles, thus reducing the risk of parentaral admistration of oral medications.

BD oral syringes supplied with leak tight cap to prevent loss of the medication contained in the syringe after preparation.

E.T. Tubes

Patient friendly intubations with a wealth of innovative features.
Quality products needed by today's healthcare professionals.

Tracheostomy Tubes

Tracheostomy tubes from Rusch are available in numerous versions: with or without Widescope (low-pressure) cuff, with or without phonation window, with adjustable flange. And armoured, e.g. the TracheoFlex tubes, to prevent kinking and compression.

Sharp Disposable Container


The new range of Bd sharps disposal containers is designed to optimize point of use disposal to help reduce the risks of blood exposure and needle stick injuries associated with the disposal process

Wound Management System

Hand Sanitizers
Hand Hygiene Products Head Sanitizer

Assure Hand Sanitising Mousse

  • Assure sanitising mousse offers effective protection against cross infection when dealing with patients
  • Contributes to good hand hygiene - adhere to the six step hand washing technique
  • Low alcohol -
    • will not dry or irritate the skin yet leaves an effective barrier film that continues to offer protection
    • extremely mild leaving hands soft and moisturised Requires no water or rinsing
  • Un-perfumed and suitable for food preparation areas
  • Available in 3 sizes
    • Pocket size 50ml - suitable for staff visitors and residents
    • 600ml - communal use
    • 800ml - single use pouch

 Hard Surface Wipes

Azo Active - Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes & Sprays

A range of hard surface disinfectant wipes and sprays effective against bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, fungi and also mycobacterium

  • Delivers a residual action meaning they continue to be effective on hard surfaces for up to seven days after application
  • The surfaces become residually microbial over time and thus reduce infection levels
  • The formulation of the range is alcohol free

Minimises the risk of healthcare professionals developing dermatitis as a result of extended use.

Patient Wipes

Oasis Active - Moist Antibacterial Skin Cleansing wipes

  • An antibacterial skin cleansing wipe effective against bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, fungi and also mycobacterium
  • Provides immediate broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
  • The formulation of the range is ultra low in alcohol so therefore no drying effect on the skin
  • Gently moisturises the skin
  • Dermatological tested
Microscopic Slides

Microscope Slides / Coverglass

PCR Consumables

From 1963 on, when Eppendorf invented the microcentrifuge tube, Eppendorf consumables have proven tself in a daily lab routine around the world. The increasing complexity of analytical techniques over the years means however that today's Eppendorf consumables must fulfill higher demands than ever before.

Top quality
All Eppendorf consumables are made of high grade, virgin polypropylene (PP) which meets stringent International purity criteria � for example, the specifications of the BVL (The federal office of consumer protection and food safety, Germany) for the use of plastics for food handling and the requirements of the FDA. The dyes used for our consumables are free of organic substances and heavy metals.

Customized purity standards
With the on going development in life science, requirements for the purity of consumables used in the laboratory has increased and must be individually tailored. For instance, PCR requires much different purity standards than cell culture applications. Eppendorf consumables are manufactured therefore in different purity standards to provide a customized solution for any application: Eppendorf Quality, PCR clean, sterile and Eppendorf Biopur. Our products, bearing the seal of Eppendorf quality, meet all the requirements for reliable and high quality consumables. In addition, the products in the PCR clean class are also all free from human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors. Eppendorf Biopur products are guaranteed sterile, pyrogen-free, RNasefree, DNA-free and ATP-free.

IvD certified
In addition to the high Eppendorf quality standards, our consumables comply with the European Directive on IvD (98/79/EC). By meeting this standard, Eppendorf offers highest level of reliability when assessing human samples in clinical environments. For more information see:

 WECK is a leader in the design, development and production of manual metal and polymer ligation systems as well as external skin-stapling devices.
Hemoclip, Hem-o-lok, Horizon and Visistat are well-known names of well trusted instruments. Their functional excellence is coupled with secure and rapid performance.

Since WECK pioneered the ligating clip in 1963, the Hemoclip system has become the surgical standard around the world, while the Hem-o-lok clip's unique design and polymer technology have set a new standard in ligation.
Improved feel coupled with both strength and reliability characterize the Visistat skin stapler.

All instruments stand for highest quality, practical price and guaranteed performance.They meet the needs of surgeons, nurses and other operating room personnel worldwide.

Closure Devices
Teleflex is a leading manufacturer of metal and polymer clips. Our Hem-o-lok Ligation System combines speed with security, and ligates vessels and/or tissues from 3 to 16 mm with 4 sizes of clips, and with 5 to 10 mm clip appliers.
Our Horizon Ligation System is the result of more than 40 years of experience. A cost saving ligation system with an incredibly easy loading system for more efficiency in surgery.


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