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Nuclear Medicine
Gamma Camera (SPECT)

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BrightView (SPECT)
Get closer to patients for superior image resolution

Surprisingly compact, BrightView SPECT features new proprietary technologies that let you get closer to patients for superior image resolution.

The system gives you exceptional image quality even for challenging studies from infants to plus-sized patients.

Right from the start
Designed by Philips from the ground up, the system revolves around what you and your patients need for top-of-the-line clinical results and bottom-line performance.

Closer is better
Proprietary integrated technologies move detectors closer to each patient for superior image resolution, acquiring information with unprecedented precision and efficiency, then reconstructing faster without typical increases in noise.

A new universal gantry assures one size fits virtually any patient, while the ultra-thin table pallet helps improve image quality through lower attenuation.

Technology that revolves around you


  • CloseUp technologies enable higher resolution through smarter software, new electronics, and minimal distance between detector and patient.
  • BodyGuard automated contouring elegantly moves detectors closer to patients, even when imaging infants or small regions of the body.
  • Our wide open gantry can support a wide range of patient sizes, ensuring that one size fits virtually any patient.
  • Ultra-thin (0.1", 2.5 mm) imaging pallet and very small cardiac dead space help improve image quality in bone and cardiac studies.
  • New PET-based digital detectors with PinPoint technologies promote improved workflow with single-uniformity correction for multiple-energy imaging.
  • Astonish reconstruction technologies offer PET-like resolution of less than 5 mm through a proprietary measured-resolution recovery algorithm.
  • Fast and easy to use, the system s customizable yet automated acquisition capabilities make it perfect for streamlining patient studies.
  • Designed to be easily upgradeable to future configurations, its compact footprint enables system installation in rooms as small as 15.6 x 12 (4.72 x 3.66 M).
Unique architecture

Philips SKYLight is a gantry-free nuclear camera. SKYLights unique architecture allows gamma detectors to be mounted directly into a rooms structure, creating a gantry-free or open floor design. By removing the limitations associated with conventional floor-mounted systems, the SKYLight can image virtually any sized patient, on any bed, in any position. Truly the next generation of nuclear imaging platforms, SKYLight also allows medical professionals to image two different patients simultaneously, offering outstanding efficiency gains for busy imaging departments.

The revolutionary SKYLight gamma camera incorporates JETStream Workspace to accelerate and streamline the entire imaging process from start to finish. JETStream Workspace features concurrent imaging to enable clinicians to acquire multiple image sets simultaneously. Now, a single data acquisition produces as many as fifteen different image sets configured around various agents, and imaging parameters resulting in excellent image quality.

A scanner that fits your practice

Just the right size. CardioMD is a compact, fixed 90-degree nuclear cardiology camera that brings cardiac assessment capabilities to your practice and department in ways that work for you, your patients, and the future of healthcare. There's a reason Philips systems are found in so many cardiology settings: CardioMD meets the most stringent clinical criteria.
  • Excellent image quality with performance that meets or exceeds American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) guidelines
  • Unique attenuation correction with truncation compensation, a Philips exclusive, VantagePro attenuation correction has been proven through multi-center clinical validation
  • Optimized clinical workflow through JETStream Workspaces integrated and intuitively advanced clinical algorithms and automation
  • Complete suite of cardiac imaging applications: AutoSPECT, Cedar-Sinai AutoQUANT, 4DMSPECT and Emory Toolbox
  • Small footprint, compact design fits easily into a 8 ft x 10 ft (2.4 m x 3.0 m) room
  • Patient friendly open gantry design that is easier on claustrophobic patients
  • Comprehensive cardiac quantification, AutoQUANT Plus, software that delivers exceptional quantification and facilitates a highly efficient workflow for study interpretation with exclusive integration of perfusion, function and reporting. AutoQUANT 7.0 includes Astonish normals, prone and supine imaging, stress and rest registration, and an optional capability for CTA with perfusion overlay.

Philips Healthcare

Precedence SPECT/CT
A true breakthrough in functional and molecular imaging

The Precedence SPECT/CT system unites high-end, multislice CT with an exceptionally flexible gamma camera a true breakthrough in functional and molecular imaging that can aid diagnosis and treatment in cardiology and oncology.

This merged system affords a comprehensive solution, providing registered SPECT and CT images in addition to individual SPECT, CT, or planar nuclear medicine images.

Clinicians can employ the fused SPECT/CT data sets to facilitate localization of pathology or alternatively, can acquire the individual datasets in a single imaging session, improving workflow and patient comfort.

Hybrid imaging. No one brings it together like Philips.

Designed for the most challenging patients head to toe For greater clinical confidence and efficiency, Precedence offers diagnostic CT capabilities, which enable attenuation correction and localization when combined with the PET-like resolution of Philips SPECT. The ability to perform various studies in one exam saves time for both patients and physicians. The combination of functional SPECT data with the anatomical precision of CT data provides a new level of diagnostic confidence.

For ultimate flexibility, Precedence can be used for SPECT/CT studies, CT-only studies, and SPECT-only studies, depending on the departments needs. It provides full diagnostic CT capabilities for radiology as a routine CT scanner, or as an overflow CT scanner.

Precedence with 16-slice CT is ideal for high resolution CT studies with complementary SPECT studies, providing the ability to do a combined coronary CTA, coronary calcium scoring and attenuation-corrected SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging in a single imaging session.

Precedence is designed not only to perform currently reimbursable nuclear medicine and CT procedures, but also is a platform for the future accelerating molecular imaging into the mainstream of care.

The advantages of Precedence extend to every member of the healthcare team: Diagnostic physicians benefit from the system's dual SPECT and CT datasets with attenuation-corrected nuclear images, which help with diagnostic confidence.
Referring physicians have more confidence and faster reporting for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Patients experience a faster exam process, since both SPECT and CT scans are acquired in a single imaging session. Healthcare administrators benefit from a range of competitive advantages, including the possibility to attract more referrals, to improve workflow and economics, and to enhance overall site marketability.

BrightView XCT
Fits you like no other

BrightView XCT is a SPECT/CT system designed entirely for nuclear medicine. We took a deeper understanding of what works for you and your patients and combined it with advanced intelligence in technology and services. CoPlanar FP uniquely integrates Philips BrightView SPECT in a co-planar design with advanced Philips flat-detector X-ray CT technology.

Technologically advanced
BrightView XCT enables low patient dose levels, high-resolution localization, and high-quality attenuation correction with the potential for fewer artifacts and shorter exam times.

Patient focused, with flexible positioning
BrightView XCT puts patients at the center of care. The patient zone is designed to create an optimum physical and emotional environment for patients. Flexible breathing protocols offer greater patient comfort. An ultra-large gantry aperture provides an open patient experience. Table limit is 500 lbs (227 kg).

CloseUp SPECT technologies for proven performance
BrightView XCT features proven BodyGuard automatic contouring to speed set up and ZeroGap planar imaging to allow minimum detector-to-detector distance of 0 (0 cm) for closer positioning.

Advantages in cardiac imaging
BrightView XCT can acquire the entire heart volume in just one rotation and permits patients to breathe normally during SPECT and CT acquisitions. The system improves registration confidence between emission and transmission maps because the table remains stationary in many cases. Astonish reconstruction technologies can cut acquisition time in half.

Workflow tailored to you
The new NM Application Suite helps to streamline your workflow, saving you time reviewing and analyzing studies.

Respects your space
Now you can add CT without adding real estate. Surprisingly compact and easy to install, BrightView XCT fits into a room as small as 15 6 x 12 (4.72 x 366 M) with minimal shielding and no need to specially reinforce flooring in most cases.

Respects your time
BrightView XCT is designed specifically for nuclear medicine and does not require CT retraining for nuclear medicine technicians.


Philips Healthcare

PET/CT - Positron Emission Tomography GEMINI TF Big Bore PET/CT
Wide open for every opportunity When it comes to streamlining the processes involved in staging, planning, therapy, and follow-up in oncology care, the Philips GEMINI TF Big Bore system lets you do more for patients, more efficiently.

Next big thing in oncology patient care
GEMINI TF Big Bore is the worlds first Big Bore PET/CT system, combining advanced GEMINI TF PET image quality with market leading Brilliance CT Big Bore performance.

The Philips patented OpenView gantry design has always enabled greater patient comfort, and now its coupled with a full 85 cm bore diameter for both PET and CT.

This unique combination of leading technologies allows you to consolidate radiation oncology procedures, increase the potential for greater accuracy, and improve scheduling.

Proprietary technology to streamline workflow
Philips TruFlight time-of-flight technology helps improve image quality, especially for large patients, while it boosts procedure capacity. Perform high-resolution, diagnostic whole-body PET scans quickly, across a range of applications. Exceptional sensitivity enables the use of low doses, minimizing exposure to patients and staff.

Greater insight throughout the oncology care cycle
By combining Big Bore PET and CT, the GEMINI TF Big Bore system allows you to improve the effectiveness of treatment with new levels of efficiency.

Seamlessly integrate information about tumor metabolic activity, as well as structure, into the radiation therapy process in ways not possible until now.
Improve treatment accuracy with the same oversized bore opening for both PET and CT, which allows patients to be positioned in the same manner for both simulation and therapy.
Leverage the significant workflow and clinical advantages of Brilliance CT Big Bore, such as Tumor LOC.
Interact seamlessly with the Philips Pinnacle radiation treatment planning system, which offers speed and accuracy that lead the industry.
Enable automatic segmentation and monitoring of tumor progression before, during, and after therapy with Tumor Tracking application, proprietary to Philips.


TruFlight: The future of PET imaging
Philips TruFlight technology includes cutting edge PET performance, including the exclusive implementation of time-of-flight for PET/CT

Enjoy exceptional levels of image quality, especially with large patients
Boost your procedure capacity and improve patient experience with fast PET acquisition times, as short as 10 minutes
Exceptional system sensitivity enables the use of low doses, minimizing exposure to patients and staff
Seize the potential of molecular imaging through low count rate imaging applications

GEMINI TF system design
Patented OpenView Gantry Design improves patient experience, especially for claustrophobic and pediatric patients and provides patient access for clinicians
Industry leading 190 cm scan length for both PET and CT allows true whole body imaging for almost all patients in one scan
Premium Brilliance CT performance with either 16-slice or 64-channel CT configurations

Philips TruFlight: The solution to better PET imaging

High performance for everyday scanning

RapidResolve Technologies with advances in the crystal and electronics detect and process more events up front providing faster acquisitions and lower doses
Exceptional image quality with Philips exclusive line of response (LOR) reconstruction utilizes all events detected,eliminating the less precise sampling and averaging that cause image degradation with conventional techniques
Fully 3D Acquisition and Reconstruction provide high sensitivity and count rate needed for cardiac and neuro imaging

GEMINI GXL system design
Patented OpenView Gantry Design improves patient experience, especially for claustrophobic and pediatric patients andprovides patient access for clinicians
Industry leading 190 cm scan length for both PET and CT allows true whole body imaging for almost all patients in one scan
Premium Brilliance CT performances with either 6-slice or 16-slice CT configurations

NMIS (Nuclear Medicine Information System)
Pinestar Technology created the Nuclear Medicine Information System for Windows to be a complete management program for today's Nuclear Medicine Department. Options called "Preferences" allow the user to customize the software to meet their specific needs.

Capabilities include:


  • Complete management of radioactive and non-radioactive inventory including generators, bulk Tc99m vials, and kits prepared in-house
  • Activity calculations with the flexibility to enter inventory or administer patient doses at any time
  • Product utilization and tracking capabilities
  • Patient management function that stores all patient data and exam history
  • Complete patient scheduling program
  • Statistics calculations, comparisons, and graphs
  • All health physics procedures with reports, including survey/wipe instruments and sealed sources
  • Disposal program that may be customized to reflect your unit doses returned to the pharmacy as well as in-house hot waste disposal
  • Daily report printing options which can be tailored to suit your individual needs
  • Custom reports that allow the user to compile information from all areas of the program into one report
  • "Reminder" program for user-defined scheduled tasks
  • Ability to read Mallinckrodt and Nycomed barcodes

Each revision of NMIS brings you new features and new functionality aimed at the changing needs of the Nuclear Medicine community. The following is a short description of the new features included in NMIS Version 10.0
  • NMIS Login
    This is a great new feature intended for departments with one technologist. You can put your initials in once in the morning and not enter them again until tomorrow.
  • Scheduled .pdf Reports
    Well create .pdf files of your daily or custom reports automatically when you want us to.
  • Reminder Groups Take control of your Reminder! Now you can add separators to keep the screen orderly.
  • Alternate Backup Location
    The alternate backup location was introduced at the request of customers who want to backup to the hospital network but also backup somewhere under their own control for peace of mind.
  • Unrequired Personnel Surveys
    Have you taken a day off or called in sick? If you are doing personnel surveys from the Reminder, the Reminder shows it as being not done when it really wasn't required to be done on that day. The new feature will let you mark it as to why it was not done.
  • Reminder Define Weekdays
    This new option will let you define the days of the week that a task is required. Many facilities are only open Monday-Friday so they don't want to see things like the Dose Calibrator Constancy on the list for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Customize Inventory Slips
    Now you can change the design of inventory slips to meet your department needs. It works just like the design program for draw dose slips which you may already be familiar with.
  • Doctor Changes
    We've gotten many requests to allow more than 2 doctors per patient. In version 10.0 we have expanded the total number of available doctors to 4. We are also allowing you to label the doctor field in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Adult Weight Based Dosing
    Adult patient doses can now be calculated based on weight or body mass index.
  • Pregnancy Form
    Many of our customer now require that female patients sign a form stating that they are not pregnant and/or not breast feeding. You can print the forms from the schedule screen or you can print them from the Reminder for all female patients scheduled for the day.
  • Draw Dose Report Graphs
    With just one additional check mark your draw dose reports can contain a graph of the patient data.

Cyclone 18/9 -HC

Recurrent, fast and high production capacity

  • Cyclone 18/9: 18MeV proton- Dual beam-Dual sources, used to produce FDG, 11C- compounds and also Iodine-123.
  • 18MeV produces more activity with same quantity enriched water fro 18F-production than a 10MeV cyclotron
IBA is a world leader in designing and manufacturing SPECT and PET cyclotrons and chemistry systems used to manufacture radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures (Molecular Imaging). IBA offers the broadest range of technologies for radioisotopes production.

Turn your most advanced project into reality by employing the IBA global solution for a turnkey cyclotron facility and expertise in full pharmaceutical engineering.

Global solution
  • Facility and Process equipment
  • Radiation safety calculations
  • cGMP validation
  • Financing solutions
  • Training programs

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