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Cardiac PACS & CVIS

Philips Xcelera (Cardiac PACS)
For echocardiography studies, cath lab procedures or both, Xcelera offers a host of enhancements to support the clinical operation of your core labs and help you control costs.

Xcelera provides a single, robust platform that allows your staff and clinicians to access, review and manage clinical information across virtually all cardiology specialties. Including modules for:
  • Nuclear cardiology study review, analysis and reporting
  • Non-invasive vascular study review, analysis and reporting
  • Electrophysiology procedures
  • Cardiovascular CT study review
  • Cardiovascular MRI study review
Plus simple access to electrocardiograms from leading ECG management systems such as Philips TraceMasterVue and GE MUSE.

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Cardiovascular Information Management System ( CVIS)
Cardiovascular Information Management System (CVIS) provides a software solution to collect and aggregate data relative to the cardiac care of patients, and allows for a comprehensive, patient-centric presentation of this data to care givers.

Philips CVIS addresses both the clinical and operational needs of a cardiovascular service line. It connects with different clinical information systems like Cath lab workflow management systems, and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS). Seamlessly connect to Xcelera Xper Information Management,, and TraceMasterVue systems in addition to systems from other vendors. The software also provides scheduling, staff and resource management, cost capturing, and the generation of reports and statistical information, to support you in managing your cardiovascular service line in an efficient manner.

Clinical specialty areas include:

  • Catheterization Lab (Adult and Pediatric)
  • Echocardiography Lab
  • Electrophysiology Lab
  • Nuclear Cardiology
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Arrhythmia / Stress / Holter / ECG Studies
  • Pacemaker / ICD Lab
  • Heart Failure Clinic
  • Cardiac Rehab Center
  • Outpatient Clinics. . . and more

Philips PACS - (iSite) Philips iSite PACS is the leading enterprise-wide medical image and information management system on the market today. iSite PACS is an innovative image and information management system that delivers on-demand diagnostic-qualityimages over existing hospital networks, advanced radiology reading stations for radiologists, and "always online" long-term storage.

Advanced viewing and workflow solution

Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership - Shared Financial Partnership
Philips' delivery model is unique to the industry. Institutions can evaluate iSite PACS with no obligation through Philips' Pilot Program. The evaluation enables all departments to prove ROI and proof-of-concept while successfully distributing images across the network before committing to a long-term agreement.

iSite PACS enhances efficiencies throughout the hospital. Analysis at some of Philips' customer sites has demonstrated dramatic financial ROI. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is realizing a 43% decrease in study management costs across its 18-hospital network (up to $14 million annually) and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center expects to save $30 million over eight years.

Enterprise-wide Image Distribution
iSite Enterprise is an enterprise-wide web-based image distribution solution that delivers the power of radiology to the point of patient care. iSite Enterprise provides clinicians and referring physicians access to instant diagnostic-quality images anytime, anyplace throughout your healthcare environment.

Just-in-Time Delivery
iSyntax is based on mathematical representations of images called wavelets, which enable the on-demand delivery of image data. As a result, users receive instant access to as much imaging data as they require. This advanced technology delivers full-fidelity medical images over existing hospital networks, making large infrastructure upgrades unnecessary
Committed to delivering superior customer care We maintain a centralized team of customer care specialists available 24/7/365 at our headquarters in Foster City, California, which allows us to share knowledge easily among team members and deliver a consistently high level of customer support.

Philips RIS ( XiRIS)
eXtended Internet Radiology Information System

XIRIS provides technology that empowers radiology centers to realize the full potential of medical informatics. Its state-of-the-art software application helps hospitals and clinics optimize their workflows and management of patient information throughout their enterprise.

Customized Solutions

XIRIS has a full suite of modular tools to provide the right solution for your center or hospital. The Philips RIS staff will customize your RIS to suit your needs. From site assessment to implementation and use, you can be assured that our professional staff will work closely with you.

Information Mobility

XIRIS offers you secure web-based access to your RIS around the world. To do this, XIRIS complies with national and international industry standards for information exchange and security of patient and medical information.


The Full Version XIRIS is used in full service imaging facilities where exams and interpretations are performed. This version organizes the workflow from the point of scheduling to distribution of reports to referring physician. Multi-center RIS backbone allows you to share and synchronize data among multi-centers. An organization can have several types of facilities from hospitals, freestanding imaging centers and practices. XIRIS offers extensive tracking and management of activities and data. Several variations of workflows can be incorporated to meet the facilities needs. XIRIS provides the vital link between the patients electronic health record (EHR) and PACS in order to implement an integrated information network. 
  1. Offers customizable solutions to meet the specific needs of your facility.
  2. Offers multi-language support and localization.
  3. Provides worldwide access to your information via the Internet.
  4. Intuitive to use, requiring minimal training and setup.
  5. Delivers reliable decision support information.
  6. Eliminates duplicate procedures.
  7. Maximizes operational efficiency.
  8. Assists in meeting HIPAA requirements.
  9. Offers scalability from a single facility to multi-facility and enterprise solutions.
  10. Creates a highly efficient work environment.
  11. Provides a dedicated 24x7 Help Desk and Customer Support.
  12. Allows creation of user defined management reports and provides administrative tools to monitor facilities activities.
  13. Offers HL7 interfaces to other information systems.
  14. Reduces errors and expedites your claim process.
  15. Provides several optional tools to accommodate your workflow needs.
New and Enhanced XIRIS 7.0 Enterprise

XIRIS's newest version is 7.0. It offers several enhancements to the powerful features that customers have come to trust. Some of these features and benefits include:
  1. An intuitive application requiring minimal training and setup.
  2. State-of-the-art technologies and open standards which deliver secure tools for managing staff and resources, including statistical and auditing information as well as biometric authentication.
  3. Streamlined and flexible scheduling process designed with the scheduler in mind, including "next available appointment" options and other enhancements inspired by our clients.
  4. Quick and easy-to-use patient, exam, film, mammography, and workflow tracking.
Always designed to increase your efficiency and accuracy, XIRIS takes your imaging facilities further into the era of filmless and paperless radiology.

Customized IT solution

SoftTeam Solutions Private Limited

SoftTeam has extensive experience in providing software solutions for advanced Medical Systems such as Ultrasound, CT/MRI, Patient Monitors, RTP, Medical Imaging Workstations, Toolkits/Frameworks and more. SoftTeam is a reliable medical imaging solution provider, assisting companies in building reliable DICOM connectivity across biomedical systems, devices, OEMs and Networks. SoftTeam provides DICOM solutions using its robust portable DICOM software framework.
SoftTeam provides the DICOM solutions by way of DICOM Enabling, DICOM Connectivity and Custom DICOM solutions.

Custom DICOM Solutions
SoftTeam provides solution to integrate non-DICOM systems with DICOM and/or non-DICOM systems. Our medical imaging domain knowledge and vast experience in the field help us for understanding of various biomedical systems formats and to make DICOM compliance process faster, efficient and cost effective

We provide cost effective imaging management solutions to manage your ultrasound imaging. It includes ultrasound image and clinical reporting, off-line measurement and calculations, 3D imaging, networked storage facility, and CD/DVD store. Our solution simplifies your daily workflow activities, improves your image review facility, makes the image and reports on demand and on your convenience.

Nuclear Medicine - IT
NMIS (Nuclear Medicine Information System)
Pinestar Technology created the Nuclear Medicine Information System for Windows to be a complete management program for today's Nuclear Medicine Department. Options called "Preferences" allow the user to customize the software to meet their specific needs.

Capabilities include:


  • Complete management of radioactive and non-radioactive inventory including generators, bulk Tc99m vials, and kits prepared in-house
  • Activity calculations with the flexibility to enter inventory or administer patient doses at any time
  • Product utilization and tracking capabilities
  • Patient management function that stores all patient data and exam history
  • Complete patient scheduling program
  • Statistics calculations, comparisons, and graphs
  • All health physics procedures with reports, including survey/wipe instruments and sealed sources
  • Disposal program that may be customized to reflect your unit doses returned to the pharmacy as well as in-house hot waste disposal
  • Daily report printing options which can be tailored to suit your individual needs
  • Custom reports that allow the user to compile information from all areas of the program into one report
  • "Reminder" program for user-defined scheduled tasks
  • Ability to read Mallinckrodt and Nycomed barcodes

Each revision of NMIS brings you new features and new functionality aimed at the changing needs of the Nuclear Medicine community. The following is a short description of the new features included in NMIS Version 10.0
  • NMIS Login
    This is a great new feature intended for departments with one technologist. You can put your initials in once in the morning and not enter them again until tomorrow.
  • Scheduled .pdf Reports
    We´┐Żll create .pdf files of your daily or custom reports automatically when you want us to.
  • Reminder Groups Take control of your Reminder! Now you can add separators to keep the screen orderly.
  • Alternate Backup Location
    The alternate backup location was introduced at the request of customers who want to backup to the hospital network but also backup somewhere under their own control for peace of mind.
  • Unrequired Personnel Surveys
    Have you taken a day off or called in sick? If you are doing personnel surveys from the Reminder, the Reminder shows it as being not done when it really wasn't required to be done on that day. The new feature will let you mark it as to why it was not done.
  • Reminder Define Weekdays
    This new option will let you define the days of the week that a task is required. Many facilities are only open Monday-Friday so they don't want to see things like the Dose Calibrator Constancy on the list for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Customize Inventory Slips
    Now you can change the design of inventory slips to meet your department needs. It works just like the design program for draw dose slips which you may already be familiar with.
  • Doctor Changes
    We've gotten many requests to allow more than 2 doctors per patient. In version 10.0 we have expanded the total number of available doctors to 4. We are also allowing you to label the doctor field in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Adult Weight Based Dosing
    Adult patient doses can now be calculated based on weight or body mass index.
  • Pregnancy Form
    Many of our customer now require that female patients sign a form stating that they are not pregnant and/or not breast feeding. You can print the forms from the schedule screen or you can print them from the Reminder for all female patients scheduled for the day.
  • Draw Dose Report Graphs
    With just one additional check mark your draw dose reports can contain a graph of the patient data.

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