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Cardiac Surgery

Creating the best environments for optimal medical care: MAQUET is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors for heart-lung machines and disposables for cardiac surgery. Working closely together with the customers, MAQUET combines its expertise with trends in cardiopulmonary surgery to develop new and innovative products. The MAQUET Cardiovascular portfolio includes state-of-the-art equipment and service for the optimal treatment of patients and the outcomes.

With the HL30. MAQUET Cardiovascular has successfully produced a completely new concept of design and functionality in heart-lung machines. This system meets the requirements of the perfusion techniques of today and tomorrow with a technically innovative combination of clear and functional design, maximum flexibility, top-grade technology, and reliability.

MAQUET - The Gold Standard.

Heater Cooler Machine



MAQUET Cardiopulmonary-tomorrow's heater-cooler unit today: MAQUET is a global player for complete medical technology solutions for operating theatres and intensive care units. The MAQUET Cardiopulmonary division has extensive experience in heart surgery with continuous and innovative product development. The MAQUET Cardiopulmonary product portfolio includes the entire range of perfusion and standard products for the perfusion and surgery teams.

The MAQUET dual circuit heater-cooler unit HCU30 has been available for several years and has established itself as "The Gold Standard" in performance and design. The HCU30 offers safe, accurate, fast and independent regulation of both patient and cardioplegia circuit temperatures.

MAQUET - The Gold Standard.

ECMO Systems

ECMO and life support systems
Hardware and Accessories

Vein Flow Mesurement System

The Medi-Stim VeriQ system is designed to meet the growing demand for intra-operative quality control and documentation of surgical procedures.

Well-established ultrasound principles such as Transit Time Volume flow and Doppler velocity measurements have been adapted to meet specific needs in the operating room. Probes utilizing transit time and Doppler have been combined to optimise graft placement and assessment. A start-up time of less than 30 seconds and a reduced need for user interaction means that use of VeriQ adds only minimal time to the surgical procedure. A large 15" LCD touch screen with an intuitive user interface displays all significant parameters and is easily readable, even from a distance. The new hardware platform allows for four flow, two pressure and two auxiliary channels in addition to the new X-plore channel. Every measurement is saved in a dedicated, high capacity patient database, keeping record of all measurements and data entered for each patient. Hardcopy reports for the patient notes can be produced easily within seconds by the on-board colour printer, or exported to the CD-Rom/floppy in HTML format for easy distribution to the hospitals computing network.

Endoscopic Vein Harvesting System

Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting or EVH is a procedure used to obtain a healthy blood vessel that can be used during Coronary Bypass surgery to bypass the blockage in the heart. The first system for Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH) was launched in 1997 and to date 800,000 procedures have been performed.

Beating Heart Surgery System

The ACROBAT V Vacuum Stabilizer provides local stabilization of a target vessel during off-pump coronary artery bypass.

Designed for optimal stabilization and ease of use, this member of the ACROBAT family offers strength and stability with anastomotic site visibility and access. Featuring the maneuverability of our FlexLink technology on a stronger arm, our innovative tri-slot socket wrist for "toes-up" capability, and independent vacuum pods on malleable feet, this product is designed to conform to all contours of the heart.

The ACROBAT V Vacuum Stabilizer is compatible with MAQUET sternal retractor blades

Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion System

The innovative dimension of our QUADROX oxygenation system is exceptional in modern perfusion: Engineered
its classic concept, brilliant performance and versatility continue to lead the way. And as perfusion technology becomes more sophisticated, QUADROX is setting forward-looking standards in every refined detail. Its unique square design and special flow geometry provide extraordinary performance which the perfusionist will appreciate, and its optimum functional flexibility assures improved patient care QUADROX is at your side, safe and dependable: an unbeatable classic.

    All oxygenators using microporous fibres are CE-certified for use with Isoflurane and Seroflurane
    Exceptionally low pressure drop
    Particularly low priming volume
    Minimized foreign surface contact
    Excellent O2 and CO2 transfer performance
    Highly efficient heat exchanger
    Optimum surface refinement with SOFTLINE, or optional SAFELINE resp. BIOLINE COATING

MAGUET - The Gold Standard.

Surgical Diathermy

Valleylab Electrosurgical Generators

Valleylab has a complete line of state-of-the-art electrosurgical generators to meet the needs of the surgical team for hospital, surgery center, and office-based procedures. All current Valleylab generators offer safety and performance features, including isolated output, independent activation of accessories, and the patented Valleylab REMTM contact quality monitoring system, which substantially reduces the risk of burns under the patient return electrode. The Valleylab REMTM system, the first of its kind, has been proven in more than 100 million surgical procedures worldwide.

Cardiac Reader

Cardiac markers, coagulation markers, infection markers and pregnancy markers

The AQT90 FLEX analyzer combines the high measuring accuracy vital to acute care testing with the ease of use you need in your everyday work - whether in the lab or at the point of care.

Maximum accuracy


  • Superior analytical performance
  • Complete correlation to lab methods
  • Time-resolved fluorescence based on europium as a tracer for high analytical sensitivity
Minimum effort
  • Cardiac markers, coagulation markers, infection markers and pregnancy markers
    in a single instrument
  • Measure on whole blood and plasma - no sample preparation
  • Automated mixing and measurement
  • All tests done in parallel - up to 30 tests an hour
  • No contact with blood or waste

Troponin I, CKMB, Myoglobin, NT-proBNP, CRP, BhCG, D-dimer


Blood Gas Analyzer

ABL800 FLEX Automated benchtop analyzer

Automatic measurement

Ideal for medium- to high-volume testing sites, the ABL800 FLEX measures any combination of pH, blood gas, electrolyte, oximetry and metabolite parameters. This highly accurate analyzer offers many automated features to help you streamline your work process and reduce errors.

Parameters : pH, cH+,
Blood gas : pCO2, pO2,
Electrolytes : cCI-, cCa2+, cK+, cNa+,
Metabolites : cGlu, cLac, cCrea, ctBil,
Oximetry : ctHb, sO2, FO2Hb, FCOHb, FMetHb, FHHb, FHbF

Integrated solution
The ABL800 FLEX is a component of the world's first automatic blood gas system: 1st automatic. Increase testing speed, reduce errors and improve patient and operator safety. All you have to do is sample, scan and go. Specifications Automatically identify, mix and measure samples


  • FLEXQ module automatically identifies, mixes and measures up to three samples in succession
  • Automated identification and mixing reduce risk of operator errors
  • Samples are automatically conveyed to the inlet and aspirated into the analyzer, so operators are free to return to their patients
Get lab-quality results at the point of care
  • 128 wavelengths for full CO-oximetry
  • Automatic measurement and suppression of interferences from fetal hemoglobin, bilirubin, intralipids and sulfhemoglobin
  • No interference from Evans Blue and Cadio Green on oximetry results
  • Accurate glucose and lactate measurements
  • Fully automated micromodes ensure accuracy of very small samples
  • FLEXMODE ensures high sample success rate of precious capillary samples by providing the highest number of parameters as reliably possible
Achieve maximum control and efficiency
  • Windows� XP operating system
  • Automatic result processing, test ordering and transmission to the LIS system
  • Automatic data archiving and customizable layout
  • Data backup with read/write CD-ROM drive
  • USB ports for easy connection of e.g. flash drives, keyboards, etc.
  • Hospital network integration through ASTM, HL7 and POCT1A standard communication protocols or via RADIANCE STAT analyzer and data management system
  • The ABL800 FLEX is part of 1st automatic, the world�s first automatic blood gas analysis system
ABL80 FLEX Automated, cartridge-based analyzer

Portability and fast turnaround time in point-of-care testing

Suitable for POC testing in low-, medium- and high-volume testing sites, the ABL80 FLEX measures pH, blood gas, electrolyte, oximetry and metabolite parameters. This portable, cartridge-based analyzer features fast cycle time and automated QC for maintenance-free operation.

Parameters : pH,
Blood gas : pCO2, pO2,
Electrolytes : cCI-, cCa2+, cK+, cNa+,
Hematocrit : Hct,
Metabolites : cGlu,
Oximetry : ctHb, sO2, FO2Hb, FCOHb, FMetHb, FHHb, Specifications Fast TAT at the point of care
  • 100 seconds from result to result (140 seconds with CO-OX)
  • Start-up time ~8 minutes after change of cassette (20 minutes with CO-OX)
  • Sample volume of only 70 uL of whole blood (105 uL with CO-OX)
Ease of use
  • Customizable user interface
  • Automated entry and logging of consumables enabled via smart chips
  • Simple and fast replacement of consumables
  • Fast and accurate data input with integrated barcode scanner
Automatic quality control
  • Three levels (low, normal, high) of aqueous QC material spanning a broad portion of the reportable range
  • Continual system checks
  • Levey-Jennings plots for easy graphical overview
Full flexibility
  • The small size fits anywhere - footprint only 9 x 11 in (22 x 28 cm)
  • Weighs only 19 lbs (8.5 kg) - carry or move it on a rolling stand
  • Several parameter panels and test volumes make it suitable for a varity of testing sites
  • Fully operational on battery
Connectivity and seamless IT integration
  • Ethernet network connection ensures easy documentation
  • All common communication protocols, including POCT1-A*
  • Data backup with read/write CD drive and USB ports
  • The ABL80 FLEX is part of 1st automatic, the world�s first automatic blood gas analysis system

Automated QC module
Eliminate preanalytical errors
  • No person-to-person variation
  • No temperature errors
  • No shaking errors
  • No heating of the ampoule by hand
Save time and improve quality measurements
  • Automated procedures ensure high analyzer uptime
  • Automatic level detection as well as temperature and altitude correction
  • Ability to preprogram quality control schedule at your convenience
  • CV% improved on measurement of pH, pO2 and pCO2 parameters
Advanced surveillance of analyzer performance QUALICHECK+

Quality control ampoules
Check the quality of your analyzer
  • Quality control ampoules are specifically developed for Radiometer's analyzers
  • Different parameter profiles (different combinations of blood gases, oximetry, electrolytes and metabolites)
  • Control ranges based on thorough studies
Simplify quality control with automated procedures
  • Automated procedures ensure high analyzer uptime
  • Automatic level detection (ABL800 FLEX and ABL80 FLEX) and altitude correction (ABL800 FLEX)
  • Automatic temperature correction by using typed-in temperature (ABL800 FLEX and ABL80 FLEX)
Optimize work routines through convenient product storage
  • Most ampoules can be conveniently stored at room temperature
  • Storage tray with built-in thermometer can be ordered
  • 24-months shelf life
Advanced surveillance of analyzer performance IT System RADIANCE STAT analyser and
data management system

RADIANCE is software designed specifically to meet the traditional needs of data management systems (DMS) and to enhance them with functions for the management of STAT analyser systems.

The RADIANCE software offers a flexible and simple connectivity solution for both STAT analysers and hospital and laboratory information systems (HIS & LIS).
Collect and store patient, QC, calibration and system data
  • Report data according to local QA requirements, available on demand for paperless regulatory inspections
  • Manually or automatically process patient data, including addition of accession number
  • Sophisticated data handling assists correct identification of patient results on Radiometer ABL analysers
Remotely monitor and control Radiometer analysers
  • Monitor analyser status
  • Perform troubleshooting
  • Confirm analytical accuracy with AutoCheck QC
Save time
  • Remote control of Radiometer analyzers
  • Automated accession numbering
  • Secure access from anywhere to users from within or from outside the hospital network system
Reduce workload, improve productivity
  • Automated completion of maintenance log for Radiometer analyzers
  • Combined maintenance log and to-do reminder system for all analyzers
  • Report manager prompts users to review reports and provides electronic logging of review process
  • RADIANCE connects most brands of POC STAT analyzers. Protocols supported include ASTM, HL7 and POCT1-A
Improve patient care
  • Real-time monitoring and remote control maximize analyzer uptime
  • 100 % data capture through continuous data synchronization between analyzers and RADIANCE and the LIS
  • 100 % data accuracy - on-screen verification feature provides the
    ABL analyzer user with the capability to correctly identify the correct patient

The FLEXLINK software links sampler, patient and operator IDs at the bedside, making data readily available to caregivers and eliminating the risk of incorrect patient identification. FLEXLINK is a PC- and PDA-compatible RADIANCE software module.
QA Portal

The web-based service, the QA Portal, helps you collect, process, report and archive QA data from your blood gas analysers placed throughout the hospital. FLEXLINK Secure data capture at the bedside

The FLEXLINK scans and links sampler, patient and operator IDs at the bedside, making data readily available to caregivers and eliminating the risk of incorrect patient identification. The information is stored by FLEXLINK. Ensure correct sample and patient identification
  • Once the prebarcoded sampler is placed in the analyzer, the analyzer recognizes the sampler and automatically retrieves the correct patient information from FLEXLINK matching it with the test result.
Get results where needed
  • FLEXLINK makes the correctly identified results available immediately to caregivers on the LIS, PDAs, PCs, patient monitors or wherever required
Customize FLEXLINK to your needs
  • FLEXLINK is a PC- and PDA-compatible RADIANCE software module
  • Because it is user-definable, FLEXLINK can be customized to match the process workflow of your hospital
Integrated solution

The FLEXLINK is part of the world's first automatic blood gas system: 1st automatic. All you have to do is sample, scan and go. Samplers safePICO Safety-engineered ABG sampler

Reduce the risk of needle-stick injuries
  • Integrated one-hand-operation device allows safe removal of needles
Quickly remove air bubbles and avoid contact with patient blood
  • The safeTIPCAP simplifies the removal of air bubbles
  • Once air bubbles have been expelled, the sample is sealed for anaerobic transport
  • The risk of contact with patient blood is limited
Ensure fast and proper mixing with integrated mixing device
  • The integrated metal ball works as a mixing device, ensuring correct and fast mixing of the sample prior to analysis
Correctly identify samples with safePICO's unique barcode ID
  • safePICO is prebarcoded making it easy to identify samples correctly

Explore the safePICO animation to learn about the features of the sampler. Integrated solution

The safePICO is a component of the world's first automatic blood gas system: 1st automatic. All you have to do is sample, scan and go. PICO70 Self-fill arterial sampler

Minimize patient discomfort
  • Sharp needles ensure smooth arterial penetration
  • Super thin needle technology of smaller-sized needles secure faster filling and optimal blood flow
Avoid test biases and clots
  • Unique plunger vent mechanism and air channels in the preattached tip cap prevent pO2 biases
  • High concentration of Radiometer's dry, electrolyte-balanced heparin (60 IU per mL) prevents clotting
  • Preheparinized to avoid sample dilution errors
Avoid preanalytical errors

Radiometer's pocket-sized "The whole-blood sampling handbook" gives you information on sampling techniques to help avoid preanalytical errors.

CLINITUBES Glass or "non-PVC"
plastic capillary tubes

Match different analyzer requirements
  • Variety of sizes to match sample-volume requirements of individual analyzers
Draw blood samples quickly, easily and safely
  • Unique surface treatment ensures fast filling of plastic capillary tubes
  • Mixing wires provide optimal mixing of the sample minimizing the risk of clotting
  • Plastic capillary samplers eliminate risk of breakage, staff injury and contamination
Secure sample quality
  • Uniform heparin coating ensures homogeneous sample quality
  • Glass capillary samplers secure airtight storage and reliable pO2 results
  • High concentration of Radiometer's electrolyte-balanced heparin ensures reliable results
  • Clot catchers can be used as an extra precaution to avoid clotting
Avoid preanalytical errors

Radiometer's pocket-sized The whole-blood sampling handbook or Avoiding preanalytical errors in capillary blood gas testing gives you information on sampling techniques to help avoid preanalytical errors.

safePICO Mixer

Automated sample mixing

Ensure a thorough and uniform mixing from sample to sample by using the safePICO Mixer.
    • Mixes a sample in just 7 seconds
    • Thorough and uniform mixing ensures sample integrity
    • Aspiration through vented safeTIPCAP
    • Automated mixing reduces preanalytical errors and saves time

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